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Bubble Football was ridiculous amounts of fun! I somehow got suckered into partaking in this activity over the weekend. I’ve never been one to enjoy a game of footy, however, the idea of being stuck in a bubble and be able to goof around whilst burning those unmanageable calories seemed like the perfect balance of working out and not-so working out.

What is Bubble Football? (Also known as Zorb Football) Bubble Football is as crazy as it sounds. You strap your upper body into your own one man inflatable round bubble (techie term - zorb), hold on for dear life within this concoction and attempt to kick and aim a ball around an indoor/outdoor pitch. It's a new and unique way to staying fitter, the fun way! Definitely a fourfits thing - we so could not miss out on this! The idea is not to tackle but use the technique of ‘barging’ instead. This (apparently) is the most effective way of winning the ball off your opponent. The aim is to get the ball in the goal whilst praying another zorb won’t barge you! Slim chance!

I was told that this was an indoor activity but once we got to the location we were so wrong. Luckily London weather was on our side and the sun shone all afternoon. 

Getting into the bubble, was somewhat of a struggle. The act is so alien that it made the easiest movement pretty hard. The man in charge, told us to place the straps around our arms as if we were putting a rucksack on. Once I got in I was surprised at how light it was. I was pretty certain the bubble was going to weigh me down. However, being shorter than your average at 5”0, getting up was a lot more difficult. The bubble went over my knees making it difficult to bend, balance and lift myself up. But being knocked over continuously, you soon get the knack of it. After taking endless amounts of selfies in a giant bubble it was time to get my game on. 

We started playing 5-a-side football, I dragged my boyfriend along and made sure that I was on his team. I had a hidden agenda - with him being a bit of a chunker I thought "if anyone knocked me over he would go charging after them". Little did I know that it would eventually be him sending me flying across the pitch!

I thought we were all going to start easy, have a bit of a warm up. But nope, everyone had a different idea. It appeared that my fellow friends instantly switched into battle mode. We attempted to play football at first but I soon became aware that we were all playing a different game of ‘Bubble Barging’. It was as if everyone's goal was to barge as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. I'd like to note that visibility in my bubble was not at it's greatest so I was unable to identify every individual that would come charging at me. The aim of the game had changed: I barged whoever barged me! 

Let me say the amount of times I went flying is unreal! Literally, someone would barge into me and my bubble would do complete spins into the air before crashing. I know it sounds pretty terrifying, but luckily it does not hurt at all. You really are protected in one massive bubble wrap! One of the things you notice pretty instantaneously, is how sweaty it can get. You are in a plastic bubble, so a bit of steam was expected. Heat, constant moving, added weight got my heart racing. It does make for a good cardio session!

After a few games of footy and being incredibly exhausted from the running, it was time to play ‘Bulldog’. I vaguely remember that last time I played bulldog, but I do remember the panic I would feel being caught. Me. Stuck in a gigantic plastic ball. Panic. Not a good recipe but hey all in the name of fun and fitness right?!

The boys were brutal. They held no remorse and would relish in sending me flying. At one point I could feel the top of the ball about to hit the ground and I knew what was about to happen. No matter how much I rocked I couldn’t stop the inevitable - the top of my bubble had landed perfectly on the ground and my legs were completely in the air. I was stuck! (have a peep at the vid below to see this happen *covers eyes*)

After a couple of minutes with everyone getting their kicks and giggles in, my friends decided to help roll me back to reality.

And so the games continued. For the finale, the men decided to play one last game of chicken. As expected, no one chickened out. Testosterones were at a high. They ran head on at full speed trying to knock the other down! Aggressive much!

This was definitely a great experience, an activity ideal for a large group wanting to find a more fun way of working out. Trust me you sweat buckets in these plastic bubbles. That, plus running around, I definitely think I worked off my lunch. Bubble Football is something ideal for a birthday or stag/hen do.

If you want to try this out, head over to Excel Bubble Football, where you'll find more details on how to try out this new fitness crave. 

You’ll definitely be seeing me on the pitch again.

- four the bikini bod