Fitness Fashion was one of the very main reasons why I first got into fitness. I absolutely love how much activewear has evolved over the years. Growing up, I was never keen on wearing 'sporty' clothes as I never thought it suited me. I always related activewear with unfitted, 'dowdy' clothing. I remember buying tracksuits for the sole purpose of wearing them to bed (I know, pretty expensive PJ's right?!). I would never dare to be seen in public wearing a tracksuit. I thought it was so unflattering!

However, in recent years I have become so obsessed with performance / activewear so much so that if I could wear it on a daily basis, I would. Unfortunately, working in a corporate office prohibits that (boo!) - but you'll always find me in my running leggings in the evenings and over the weekends. 

So when I first heard that New York based designer Alexander Wang was collaborating with H&M to produce a fitness line, I was beyond excited. Wang, in a recent interview with the Telegraph, explains that he doesn't get involved in sports, but he wears sportswear. This ethos was the foundation of my path to fitness. I initially didn't get into fitness to become fit, I just thought "If I'm spending so much money on leggings and dri-fits, it only made sense to work out!" And what a path to choose. I am so much happier and better for it, that I'm somewhat glad that I spent those sterling on some nice fitness gear. What's a cost of clothing over your health ey?! 

In todays hectic society, people tend to try and cram in an hour or so of fitness into their busy schedules. Whether it's a lunch time HIIT session or an hour of yoga after work, Wang has realised this and concentrated on producing items ideal for the city life. He has produced pieces so fashionable that one could wear it to work and then go straight into the gym.

Wang has teamed up with high-street retailer, H&M, to produce pieces that are affordable, durable and fashionable. The collection includes over 35 garments of athletic performance wear, with his logo 'AW' strewn across his pieces flaunting his premium brand. Although I do love my vibrant colours, I absolutely adore the dark palette which gives this collection that urban edge. 'All black errthing'. Love it! Peep below to see some of my favourite pieces that I'm hoping to get my claws into. 

Will you be heading down to H&M today? See you there! If not, don't miss out - click through to shop online! Alexander Wang x H&M

- four the bikini bod


wang leggings.jpg