I love running outdoors. I have and will always opt to running out on London streets rather than on a treadmill in the gym. But how does this favour on my skin? A recent study by Society for Investigative Dermatology, showed a connection between air pollution and skin ageing. 

I'm fully aware that stress, bad nutrition, pollution and lack of sleep are attributes that affect the quality of my skin. Being a city dweller means that we could possibly overdose on all those factors. But I've never really focused on how detrimental pollution can be. I've always assumed as long as I cleanse daily then it wouldn't really affect my skin. However, recent studies show that London has one of the highest pollution rates. Living in the country has always been praised for its fresh air and cleaner conditions. Unfortunately, I am a true concrete jungle inhabitant and would never want to leave the city life. 

Recently, I've been on the hunt to find the perfect solution to keep my skin in tip top conditions during those winter runs I love oh so much.

Here are my favourite recent finds:

1. When we shower or bathe, we don't just use our hands to cleanse. We always use some sort of exfoliator, in my case the loofa. So why not treat our faces the same way we treat the rest of our body? A more recent hype has been the Clarosonic, at over £100 a pop they don't come cheap. I absolutely love using this product. It has become part of my daily evening routine that I can no longer live without. I normally use facial wipes to remove my makeup, somehow it just doesn't satisfy my cleanliness needs and the Clarosonic is an amazing addition. It thoroughly remove all excess makeup and the days dirt away. Since using it I have definitely seen a vast improvement in the condition of my skin. My pores are visibly smaller and who can complain about that ey?!


2. As a teen I experienced acne and then it re-developed as an adult in my early 20's. Once my skin had cleared, I was always so careful what I would use on my skin. Activbod 'Game Changer' Facial Scrub has been a very recent favourite of mine. There are certain areas on my face that suffer from dryness, especially after my winter runs, but with it's micro scrubbing particles, it gently removes all my dead skin cells preparing my skin for that much needed moisture. I also find that since using this product, my make-up goes on seamlessly making it every modern womans dream product. With it's almond oil scent and menthol feeling I definitely recommend this product to any active female. You can purchase Activbod 'Game Changer' at Boots for £7.00.

There is a much larger Activbod range - so please do peep back onto the blog for a full review in the near future!

3. I always get hot, red and puffy faced whenever I come in from a run, so I like to splash cold water over my face in an attempt to cool it down. During winter months my skin is quite sensitive to the dramatic change of temperature so I need a product to soothe my skin after the harsh change in conditions. I have always found that drugstore products, as good as they are on a daily basis, never really helped after a work out. For me finding a product that could aid me in my journey to fitness was pretty important. So after having doing some research into what other active users use, I have discovered Pretty Athletic Calming Facial Moisturiser.  This is an ultra lightweight moisturiser formulated with Aloe and Menthol to help cool and soothe my skin. I always attempt to find something quite light for my day use as I like to use a BB cream or foundation on top throughout the day. So I never want to over do it with my day mosituriser in case I leave the house with that 'shiny' oily look. Big no no!



4. I don't normally have to constantly apply any sort of lip balm to my lips daily, but my boy do they get super dry when running outdoors! Burts Bees are amazing at keeping my lips super hydrated during those bitter cold runs. Just a little smidge of this and I'm good for about 10K or so. It's small enough to keep in my leggings or sweater pockets so it's discreet enough without feeling you're carrying anything.  

5. I have an odd problem where I cannot workout outdoors without having some form of make up on my skin. Yes part of it is vanity, but the other part of it is that I always (without fail) seem to breakout. It's not aggressive such as acne, it's just the odd spot here and there. But since having spot-free skin, that odd spot is incredibly prominent. Any type of makeup seems to act like a barrier between my skin and any external harmful conditions. Now wearing make-up on a daily, is not the ideal solution for long term remedy so using a face mask to repair my skin that is usually always covered with some sort of make-up really is ideal for use on a weekly basis. Now this product is a wonderful find, I've been using this since I was 15 - wow that's 13 years ago and it's the one product I keep going back to: Montagne Jeunesse face masks. You can get this at any drugstore and is normally £1!! Perfect for those on a budget like me!

Well there it is my favourite winter beauty products for those cold runs! What's yours?

-four the bikini bod