Run Date: 6 March 2014

“I can’t do it…. I can’t do it!”

After weeks of going on the registration page for Nike’s 10K We Own The Night, closing it down, opening back up again staring at the “register now” button - I finally signed up! My initial thought straight after was “did i just do that?!” Now, to many of you, running 10K isn’t so much of a big deal after a bit of training, but for me - It was something that absolutely petrified me! I hadn't even stepped foot on an indoor treadmill, how on earth was I going to manage a whole TEN KILOMETERS OUTSIDE?! Training had to start!!

A friend of mine who regularly runs 5K offered to help me and invited me to run with him along his route. This was the first time I would have done running of any kind and I was joining a runner on a 5K ROUTE?! I met him after work and instantly started to panic and worry about what was going to happen.

We headed off from Aldgate towards Tower Hill and started at a good jogging pace. I thought to myself “this isn’t so bad”, thinking that my many trips to the gym had somewhat helped my stamina.... but alas, it wasn’t long before I started to struggle!

My body was fighting against me - screaming at me to stop! My friend gave me words of encouragement that kept me going until we hit the 3km mark past City Hall - I couldn’t handle it anymore, my body instantly gave up and I was overcome with so much emotion that I started to cry! I’m not talking about a little sobbing - I was full on balling with tears! I felt like this was something I really couldn’t do! Standing leaning over the concrete wall looking into the River Thames, I was frustrated with myself for wanting to give up, I felt upset I failed. BUT my friend pushed me… and told me I COULD DO IT!!

The last 2K heading back towards Whitechapel High Street was so tough! The whole way through, I just couldn’t wait for it to end. In the distance I could see the end point - I had a sudden burst of energy and finally finished with a time of 40 minutes and 20 seconds! I was so relieved it was over but at the same time I felt so incredibly proud of myself! I thanked my friend and set myself the challenge of doing this once a week. I’ve got alot of training to do to reach that 10K goal!

- four the perfect dress