Event Date: 13 March, 2014

“Did not expect that?!” 

We saw a deal on TimeOut for five lessons and we could not miss an opportunity to try out an activity that looked like crazy fun. Once purchased, I started scouring the web to see what the ‘Jumping Fitness’ craze was really about. I came across a YouTube vid and wow - this looked amusing. 

I began the lesson, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I just assumed it would be as fun as the hula-hooping session we all took part in a few months back. The ladies in the YouTube clip made it look so easy. I could totally see how it would be intense with your legs constantly moving, but everyone looks like they’re having so much fun. How hard could it be, right? Haha! Were we in for a treat!

Walking into the venue, I was slightly baffled by the choice of location. “It’s at Old Street” my friend emailed me. Great. East London’s ‘cooler’ area. We arrived at the destination and I was welcomed into an eery building. Slightly run-down, definitely not your typical gym location. But whatever, I’m just going to be working out anyway. Luckily both Nat and I had arrived in gym gear, but unfortunately for Stefy who had to change - there were no changing rooms. This didn’t deter our spirits though. We went through to the class and as soon as we saw the individual trampolines we could not contain our excitement and immediately jumped on and started taking photos. 

Our instructor, Gemma was a friendly face. She began by showing us the correct way to ‘jump’. It was all about the legs; focus on pushing into the trampoline whilst maintaining our upper half to resist the bounce. This meant a lot of leg work and boy did we work! The jumps felt so alien to me and I couldn’t understand how to resist the bounce. Within 7-10 minutes into the class I finally understood the concept. I started to feel the burn in my thighs as I focused on pulling my knees up that much higher. Arm work came naturally with the jumps as it was a way of balancing myself, but then we were told to exaggerate every movement. Pulsing our arms outstretched and resisting the force of gravity. I’m not generally an arms person, my lower half is far stronger, but I pushed through the burn and associated this pain with success.

We then moved onto glutes - pulse lunges and squats. Holding positions for what felt like forever! My legs were feeling like jelly, my arms were sore but she wouldn’t let us give up. She proceeded, as did we. 

I always assumed I had a relatively strong core but the next section of the class was an awakening. I’m good at planking and leg raises but I’ve always steered clear away from sit-ups. With sit-ups my neck gradually became sore, of course this meant I was doing it incorrectly, but hey I worked my core in other ways so I never felt the need to improve my technique. 

We were all instructed to sit on the edge of the trampoline with our legs on the floor and do different variations of sit-ups and for the life of me I couldn’t even do one! My legs would always give way and I would lose my balance and fall back. I found it funny at first but then it got frustrating - I just couldn’t do it!

We ended the class doing planks and a cool-down. Our spirits were at a high, we were feeling great but thankful all the same that the hour had ended and we had survived! I normally work up a sweat whenever I hit the gym, but this felt as if I had been pushed into a shower. 

“Did not expect that?!”  we repeated as we slowly and sorely attempted to make our way home. 

One jumping class down, four more to go!
Check out jumpingfitnessbritain.com

- four the bikini bod