I was slightly embarrassed but ecstatic all the same after a friend (Sherona - also in the pic) emailed the below image to me. I couldn’t be more happier to be on the opening page of Bupa 10,000 (my 0.25 seconds of fame) - but wow that grin is something else!

Since the 2014 race is nearing, I thought it was a suitable time to mention and speak about my experience last year. I completed this run in May 2013 and this race, this event, this course has been my most enjoyable run thus far.

 My small moment of fame! Check out my grin!

My small moment of fame! Check out my grin!

This annual run is one of the biggest and most successful events in London. It’s a 10 kilometre route across some of the most beautiful landmarks across the City. It wasn’t just the amazing views of London that the course followed that appealed to me, it was the atmosphere and vibe of this event too.

I did this run in loving memory of Rosa, an incredible and beautiful woman, who sadly suffered and died of cancer. On the day of this run, the weather was gloriously warm, bright and sunny. Unfortunately the amazing weather also brought higher temperatures than usual for this time of year and regrettably the heat eventually got to me. By the 8th kilometre I was run down, literally. Had it not been for the amazing spectators handing out sugary treats and wishing me positive words, I would have continued walking the last 2 kilometres of this race.

As with any race, you get the sports buffs at the front of the queue eagerly waiting for that buzzer to sprint the whole 10k route, one of those being The Great Mo Farah who I had the pleasure of running alongside for a split second (honestly, I was on the 2k mark and he was sprinting back on the 8k mark on the stretch back. RIDICULOUS).

I was content running at my own pace and whenever I did start to feel the aches in my legs and there were times I could hear my mind screaming ‘stop and rest! stop and rest!’, there were many fellow runners wishing me encouragement along the way. Shouts like ‘Don’t stop! You can do it Rosa’ was exactly the type of boost I needed to remind myself why I was even running in the first place. I was left with a bittersweet feeling. My emotions were at a high whilst crossing the finishing line, knowing that all the money I had raised to get me across that line for cancer was inspired by Rosa. I do believe she’s looking down thinking we’re a badass team!

 Such an amazing route of London. Nearing 'Big Ben'.

Such an amazing route of London. Nearing 'Big Ben'.

If you’re looking for a fun, well organised, beautiful route and buzzing atmosphere for your next race I would definitely recommend signing up to Bupa London 10,000 now! Online entries are closed, but there are still spaces for those who wish to raise money for charity. I can’t rant and rave about this event enough to people that ask me what run I would recommend. I’m not particularly competitive when I run nor am I that good at it to be honest, so for me the ‘fun’ aspect is vital.

If you’re someone like me who just wants to be fitter - because I am definitely not as fit as I should be - or someone who is simply aspiring to be a better runner but doesn’t take it too seriously, then Bupa 10,000 is the way to go.

Head over to www.london10000.co.uk to sign up for a charity now!

- four the bikini bod