3 weekends ago, myself and the other fourfits ladies attended the Be:Fit convention at Old Billingsgate.

Be:Fit London is a 3 day event dedicated to giving women the tools to build a stronger, fitter and healthier lifestyle. Short, energetic group classes were scheduled throughout the 3 days and many experts in fitness were hosting seminars to share knowledge and experience in their specific field. In addition, there were a variety of health, fitness and nutrition brands ready to educate anyone eager to learn more about fitness.  

When Kate first mentioned Be:Fit, I was instantly drawn to particular classes such as BOOM Cycle, Piloxing and Ravercise. This was definitely up fourfits’ street! Since fourfits was founded with the aim to find more adventurous ways of working out in London, it was only right that we attended.

As there were no booking options available online, we assumed that it worked on a first come first serve basis. We knew exactly what classes we wanted to try out so we arrived early to sign up to as many classes as possible during the day. Unfortunately, many others seemed to have the same idea and as we arrived, there were heaves of ladies already forming a queue.

After half an hour we finally reached the front and booked ourselves into ‘Piloxing’ and ‘BOOM Cycle’, unfortunately we couldn’t book Ravercise until the afternoon which was a massive downer as the thought of queuing up for another 30 minutes or so was unappealing.

In regards to the other two classes - absolutely amazing as expected :


PILOXING is a non-stop cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance. It was so much fun that at times I forgot I was even in a fitness class and just wanted to rave it out! However, the burn in my legs reminded me that my body was working hard to achieve that bikini bod!

BOOM Cycle is a spinning class with an edge. You are able to increase or decrease the resistance to work those legs harder or increase cardio intensity. You are told to stand, lean forward or sit to work on different muscle groups in your legs. Many gyms have spinning classes, but what makes BOOM cycle extra special is that you spin to the beat of pumping music. The environment is very much like a nightclub with dim lighting and nightclub quality music. This combined with amazing instructors who encourage you, and not force or berate you to push yourself makes it easy to forget about the external world and focus on you, your bike and your goal. Definitely a class I would continue attending!

In addition to the classes featured at the event, we were also exposed to other cool fitness classes that we never knew existed e.g. Clubercise which is clubbing fitness with glow in the dark sticks and AquAllure which is underwater spinning.

We managed to speak to the founder of AquAllure, Dorine Denjean, who was beyond lovely. She went through the various classes they held, as spinning was just one of many! She told us the benefits and advantages of doing exercises underwater, the main one being, it’s injury-free! I’m prone to shin-splints and my right knee plays up every once in a while so this was music to my ears - literally, ‘sign me up now!’.

Over the past year or so I have developed an intolerance to gluten (thumbs down). To this day, I find it difficult to steer away from gluten or find ways to minimise the uncomfortable symptoms that persist. The Be:Fit convention exposed me to many exhibitors that were willing to educate me on food and herbal remedies to alleviate the symptoms. For a long while, I’ve been meaning to get myself tested as it appears that I may be intolerant to more than just gluten, but I could not justify forking out £300 for a test! Surprisingly, I came across Food Detective who specialises in home kits, testing for 55 common intolerant food groups at an amazing price of £30! Definitely a bargain and something I would urge anyone with new found intolerances to consider.

Fashion is a passion the four of us share so it was inevitable that we would scour for some excellent fitness pieces. Two brands in particular caught our attention:

Lexie - we absolutely loved their pieces. The brand is incredibly stylish, feminine yet edgy. Lily Rice, who is the founder and head designer of Lexie was the first UK graduate to hold a First in Unique Performance Sportswear Design BA. The ethic behind the brand is exactly what fourfits is about. Lexie’s line shows that we do not need to compensate fashion for fitness, rather the two should compliment each other.

Hey JoNatalie, who is of Italian descent had previously mentioned this Italian brand. She had heard amazing reviews about the brand and its clothing. Recognizing their brand, we headed straight to their stall to have a closer look and feel of their range. The salesperson who served us was rocking Hey Jo leggings in coral pink and she looked hot - we were totally girl-crushing! Seeing this, made us want to buy her exact pair! We very soon realised that it was marketed as a premium brand and luxury does not come cheaply. A pair of these babies will cost you £145 a pop - but if you can afford it, why the hell not?!

Women's Health were also present at the event holding a competition for one lucky woman to have a shot at becoming their cover girl. To enter, the candidate had to strip down to just a sports bra and leggings. Although I’m partial to a crop top, being exposed in a bra was incredibly frightening. I was literally shaking as I stepped out of the changing room but since my journey is four the bikini bod, it seemed like a good first-step to the acceptance of my current body and a motivational tool to the body I want to achieve. One day I would like to look back and say that was my turning point.

The day was full of fun and i’m so glad we attended. I discovered so many new and exciting ways of working out and though there were many classes that unfortunately, we couldn’t attend, having a little teaser of the two classes we were able to join can only make me assume that the rest would be as good, if not greater!

Just on a final note, we also discovered something called Reebok Crossfit which we had never even heard of until Be:Fit. Having spoken to the trainers at Reebok, we understood it to be a high intensity workout with weights and long distance training?! Erm, we still don’t fully get it - sorry Reebok! So, we will be doing a training session with Personal Trainer and friend, Matt Lo, to find out for ourselves what this Crossfit craze is really all about.

We will report out findings soon - check back soon to see how we get along!

-four the bikini bod