This class. Was. Amaze. Balls. Like seriously, did we really flick our hair and strut our ‘stuff’ an hour and a half in the name of fitness? Erm - YES!

Firstly, location. I know we tend to talk about this in our posts, but this gym deserves full recognition. We found this class online at Seen on Screen and decided to attend the Beyonce Run The World workshop in the Reebok Sports Club at Canary Wharf. Finding the venue was a mission but who would have known that tucked away in the heart of Canary Wharf would be such a gem of a gym. The reception replicated a fancy hotel concierge desk, we were faced with a rock climbing wall right in the centre of the venue entwined by stairs and as we looked up we noticed the many floors of plush gym equipment. This was starting off pretty sweet. We were directed past the weight training area to the studio where a hot female instructor named Hayley met us dressed up in heel boots! Hayley is a professional dancer, and she explained that during non working periods many professional dancers like herself, teach instead. It’s a way for them to give the general public a chance to experience what they do. We started off with a nice little warm up to get our hearts pumping. A bit of light jogging on the spot, increasing in speed each time then we moved onto multiple variations of tummy crunches.  

Like us, if you’re not a professional dancer it’s expected for you to feel nervous dancing to your reflection in front of many others. Hayley immediately made us feel comfortable in our own skin and actually made me feel like I was Beyonce. I began to forget there were other girls in the room. Once we had done our warm up we were told it was time to strut! We had to walk tall, sexy and powerfully from one end of the room to the other. “Flick your hair”, “Twirl”, “Do you feel sexy?” were only a few things that Hayley shouted and chanted as we walked across the studio floor. I found this part hilarious! I would never in my day-to-day life be comfortable with doing this, but since the setting was entirely appropriate I let go of all inhibitions and just went for it. We all naturally started adding twists and turns to our strut and the confidence in the room hitched up a few notches.

Once we had done this a few times, I really wanted to start dancing and get to the whole ‘I am Yonce’ part. Hayley went through the routine section by section, slowly and clearly. The pace was perfect as I know from other dance classes that it is no longer fun when the class moves too fast. It was pretty easy learning the routine and I soon realised that it wasn’t as hard as I had initially thought. What I found more difficult was exuding power and confidence through dance while flicking my mane powerfully and gracefully to avoid a mouth full of hair. Yes, I ate my hair a couple of times during the class! Initially, I found it cringe-worthy to try and dance like Beyonce. This just wasn’t me. But after hearing the music and seeing my other fourfits sisters who were feeling the same way made me feel at ease. That’s when my competitive side came out. I wanted to nail the routine. Hayley made everything look so seductive, even her slightest movements looked empowering. I wanted to do the same.

We rehearsed the full routine a couple of times over and as we neared the end of the session she split us into two groups to perform! Sorry, perform? Hayley was not holding anything back. She dimmed the lights and let us get into character. As I was standing there with my head towards the ground I envisioned myself as Sasha Fierce waiting for that moment to punch my fist in the air as the beat dropped. 

For that hour and a half, I was Beyonce, we were all Beyonce.

I would definitely recommend this as a crazy fun way to keep fit, but also as a great day out with friends. We had two birthday girls in our class, and I can totally see how this would be an awesome start to a birthday. We left the class ready for a night out, singing and dancing our way home.

Here's just a few snippets of us working it below:

- four the bikini bod