After hearing so much hype behind ‘Crossfit’ on YouTube, at the Be:Fit convention and through friends in the States and Canada, who are total Crossfit junkies, we knew we wanted to try it out!

I didn’t really know much about this fitness craze, but had come across the term 'WOD' all over Instagram and fitness blogs, and was intrigued to understand more. I now realise that this term refers to 'Workout Of the Day'. Sounds interesting.

An opportunity came where Matt Lo was willing to do a session with us, and inevitably we were all overly eager and excited to get involved into the Crossfit world! Matt is part of FitMi training that specialises in personal training, strength work and Crossfit. Want to know more? Click here.

He was incredibly accommodating knowing we were all newbies to this. He designed a program that was tailored to suit our ability and since none of us had ever been to a Crossfit session before, it was vital we knew exactly what we were doing. Watching YouTube videos of athletes pushing, lifting and swinging crazy heavy weights looked daunting. He spoke about the ethos behind Crossfit and explained how it is all about people engaging through fitness to motivate and encourage one another to push their bodies to the extreme. Crossfit focuses on strength, endurance and agility. There is a sense of belonging in the Crossfit community, which is entirely fitting for us fourfits ladies as it was through fitness that we bonded.

I was really excited to start working out, especially when I saw the gym! Momentum Crossfit Hackney is located in an industrial warehouse. I’ve been to many gyms where macho guys are surrounded by high-tech gadget machinery, where they make loud grunting noises whilst flexing their muscles. This has always made me feel slightly uncomfortable. Yet, this gym makes muscle-galore men screaming ego-stroking remarks completely normal; From their worn out jungle gym to their giant sized tyres waiting to be slammed into with sledgehammers! Testosterone levels could be reaching sky high, but it would still be totally appropriate. This gym made me feel so legit, I felt like an Olympian.

I have always considered myself somewhat stronger than the average female so working on the strength aspect really appealed to me, but what I was not prepared for was my lack of endurance!

Firstly, he took us through the basics. He focused individually, on our posture, as we squatted, pushed and even threw weights! He then went onto team workouts - by then I was already exhausted! Then we went onto circuit training - ok near dying. THEN Workout Of the Day - dead! Matt made us WERK!

What I loved the most about Crossfit was the community aspect. If you think about doing burpee’s, sprints and kettlebell swings over and over again on your own, you almost don’t want to do them, but having the other 3 fourfits ladies with me definitely pushed me to my limit. At one point, we were all struggling with what we assumed was a squat-thrust-over-the-head-kettlebell swing drill (that was a bit of a tongue twister!) BUT is actually a Kettlebell Thruster lol - you can tell we're newbies - that we almost gave up, but through screams of motivation from one another we were determined to complete it. And we did! Well just about.

Matt as an instructor was really good! There’s something comforting knowing that if your trainer has biceps bigger than your face, then you’re in good hands. In this type of atmosphere, you’re encouraged to shout if you need to, scream if it hurts and be as aggressive as long as you commit and never give up. Matt constantly pushed us to our limits, where we started hating him a little - and any trainer who will take the abuse and and smile through it is definitely worth training with. He was tough, but at the same time still kept us sane. He kept reassuring us that everything we were doing, thinking, feeling was all normal; As this did not feel normal!

Seeing as I cycle into work at least 3 times a week without fail, my cardio game is pretty much taken care of. Crossfit is something I DEFINITELY want to continue, to build on my agility and strength. The pain that I felt after, in particular, in my arms and glutes, was so satisfying that I could understand why so many others are addicted to it.

One downfall, however, is that it is pretty costly. I would absolutely love to attend Crossfit sessions 3 times a week as I can see where I could potentially be at (in terms of fitness) if I committed. This is something I personally would need to educate myself on and see if there are any affordable Crossfit programs that can accommodate my budget.

Although, this was one of the toughest workouts I have ever experienced, it was by far one of the most rewarding sessions too! If you are interested in getting involved into Crossfit, Matt is definitely the man you should contact:

Matt Lo - Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning / Crossfit Trainer

  • IG: @mattlo_pt
  • 07875004535

So, who else will be up for the challenge of Crossfit?!

-four the love of leggings