“Say Whaaaat? A fitness class located at Mother Bar in Shoreditch?”

A bar? Yep - you did read that correctly. As you already know, we fourfits girls never miss an opportunity to hit up the dance floor, particularly at a fitness class that makes you WERK to the point sweat is literally dripping down your chest (sorry for the visual!) This week we skanked out to underground beats at Ravercise - an edgy, uber cool dance class which is so much fun you forget it is in fact a workout!

Like a few other upcoming concept classes we have attended, it was located in the trendy Shoreditch area. For you South Londoner’s out there, Ravercise also run one other class at Dogstar in Brixton, check their website for more details : www.ravercise.me

I may be completely wrong, but I have a vague recollection of passing through Mother bar during a Shoreditch bar hop a while back, so walking up the stairs toward the bar in fitness gear as opposed to stumbling up in a pair of six inchers felt a bit surreal!

Entering the venue, the setting was dark and the bar with its rows of alcohol was lit up just as you would find it on a night out. The colourful strobe lights were flickering across the walls and shimmering off the disco ball hanging from the ceiling. My initial thought as we walked in and saw everyone was, ‘this class is a lot smaller than I had expected’. I was concerned that as a Ravercise class, the vibe may land up being a bit lacklustre. There were only 8 of us who attended, plus the dance instructor Amy Lovelock, DJ Detski and MC Glenja D. Amy wasted no time taking us straight into stretching and as soon as DJ Detski jumped on the decks, I realised very quickly that I was completely wrong - there was absolutely no way this class would lack atmosphere. Geez, even the warm up was pumped!

We stretched as the bass was pumping from the speakers vibrating the room. I must admit the beats were tempting me to stop stretching and start skanking, though we held it down as we mirrored the poses and dance routine designed to get our hearts pumping. By the time we had finished the warm up the four of us were totally going for it, exaggerating our movements and bopping along to the beat. At the end of the first track, we were dripping with sweat as we grabbed for our water bottles. This class was far from the sexy Beyonce dance class we attended a few week’s back, Ravercise is a high intensity interval workout.

We did a few more cardio exercise tracks, then we moved onto resistance work on arms, abs and leg work. This is usually the part of the class I look forward to as I would pick strength training over cardio any day, however this class had a good balance of both. It was so much fun that it made it really easy to forget the out of breath feeling I usually have to fight through with repetitive activities like running.

We did one more round of high intensity cardio followed by a cool down. Amy then shouted ‘TIME TO SKANK’ as MC Glenja D, who was actually doing the class along with us jumped on the mic.

We moved from the rows we were in and naturally formed a circle raving it out until DJ Detski finished his set. Again, I couldn't believe how wrong my first thought was, this class was epic and it ended on such a high! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high cardio full body workout with a difference. At an affordable £11.50 there is no reason not to try it out!

Why choose Ravercise over a standard cardio class? Well, here are a few fun facts for you quoted by Ravercise:

A social dancing workout provides similar exercise benefits to taking a four mile walk! At Ravercise you’ll burn even more with specially designed interval training routines.

You can work out your mind and your body at the same time. If you're dancing, you'll likely be grooving along to tunes you love. This not only keeps your body moving... but your brain as well! A study in the Heart & Lung journal showed that people who listened to music while they exercised showed better verbal fluency as a result. It is thought that listening to music may stimulate and increase cognitive arousal while helping to organize cognitive output.

So do pop along and give Ravercise a go - we will sure be returning!

- four that strut