It's the beginning of 2015 and as we all begin to think about what our New Years resolution should be, there's one thing that hits the top of the list: FITNESS.

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the many roasts I somehow managed to devour over the festive season, it's time to get back into my clean eating and shift those extra gains. It's pretty typical to see gym memberships soar in the first few months of the year, but if you're an impulse buyer (like me) and got suckered into the post Christmas sales then you're definitely feeling the pinch, in this long month!

But you don't need to sacrifice fitness due to financial issues as the ladies at Sweaty Betty are introducing their newest #GetFit4Free campaign - #FlyFlexFlow! For three weeks, you will be able to jump start your fitness regime without costing a thing -sounds like the perfect price!

Annie Foulds, personal trainer and Ambassador of Sweaty Betty has created exclusively Fly | Flex | Flow:

Fly - Run intervals. Flex - Full body conditioning. Flow - Savasana. You will sweat buckets, increase your strength and improve flexibility and agility.  

The workout will start with a run session, which can be done either indoors or outdoors where you will be put through sprint intervals, skipping and other high intensity moves to get that heart rate up. You will then flex your muscles during the body conditioning where finally you'll be able to stretch them out during the Flow. 

These classes will be held in store every Tuesday. Online videos are also available, for those, who would prefer to work out in the comfort of their home.  

If you're up for the challenge, the classes are held between January 27th - February 11th. Please do check out their website to get more detail on how you can get involved.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the launch where we were put to the challenge, and yes, it definitely got us working and by combining all three elements we had a full body workout all within an hour.  Perfect for those with busy schedules. And to refresh our tired selves, we were treated to small nibbles and drinks after. 

We'll definitely be popping into one of the stores soon.

 - four the bikini bod