First post of the new year, and of course it's got to be about fashion! I recently took an unexpected detour into Forever 21 on a recent unplanned shopping trip (aren't they all?!) and ended up leaving with these bad boys. 

When many think of fitness, we think of sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma. We think of heat tech, wick-away sweat resistance, durable materials, seems, reflective panels and fancy support systems. But really and truly, unless you're an athlete or dedicated sports competitor, half of these advanced properties are not put to good measure. Whether at the gym, taking part in a class or out on a run, there's no doubt in mind that we all still want to look good, in spite of the blood, sweat and tears! So imagine my joy at having come across these items at a fraction of the cost. With comfortable and supportive sports bras coming in at between £5-20 and well fitted and light leggings coming in at £10-25 they are an absolute steal when it comes to sportswear, especially when you consider the attention to detail put into their designs. 

Despite the knots created as the straps criss cross against one another, I find that the bra still sits perfectly in between my shoulder blades and doesn't dig into my back during floor exercises, a major plus. And despite the affordable price, the leggings are squat proof approved as they maintained their shape and tightness without a slip past the derrière or discomfort to the knee area on those pesky leg days.

ABE, this pairing is icing on the cake.  I love the faux leather design on the straps as they are thin enough to wear under garments yet fashionable enough to rock as casual clothing attire, without having to sacrifice on support during vigorous exercise if needed for us on-the-goers. And the pants, well, they deserve a round of applause for not only looking so chic with the faux leather panelling down the front, but also for their fit and stretchability.

Hovering around the 5ft mark, I often find it difficult to find pants that fit correctly, particularly around the waist to crotch area. They are always too long for my torso and I find I have to wear them halfway up my stomach before they sit comfortably where they should do - but not with this pair. They sit flatteringly right below the naval and stay there. 

High street stores are so often overlooked when it comes to sportswear, but after these purchases I struggle to think why. These items are proof that you can still look fashionable whilst getting your fitness on! I am highly impressed by the cut and quality of these pieces, and keeping in mind how easy on the eyes the price tags were, I am definitely all eyes and ears open for future collections...particularly H&M and misguided - we can't wait for their new releases!


- four the love of food