Starting 2015 with a different set of goals as I did last year made me look back and realise how much I have achieved in reaching my ultimate goal. Last year on Saturday 4th October 2014, after months of hard work I got married... IN THE MOST PERFECT DRESS!

I remember when my (now) husband proposed to me, the initial feeling was of happiness that the love of my life has asked to spend the rest of his life with me. Then it soon dawned on me that I would need to pick a wedding dress and the image of myself in what should be my perfect dress wasn't quite so perfect.

A year and a half before the wedding when shopping for “the perfect dress” I came across one that I instantly loved! It had a satin skirt with beautiful lace top. I had to try it on! My concern (as well as mothers), it nipped in at the waist and with over a year to go till the big day, a waist was something I didn't quite have and the dress looked awkward on me. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror picturing how I wanted to look and made the decision that I was going to wear this dress!! This image was what I worked towards which instantly became a massive motivation! 

 My bridal boutique visit in May 2013 and then again a year later in August 2014.

My bridal boutique visit in May 2013 and then again a year later in August 2014.

I started taking classes on a daily basis, I would try and alternate the classes so I wouldn't get bored. Attending the gym 4-5 days a week can easily fall into a mundane pattern and I knew that if i wanted to keep motivated I would need to change it up every so often. I would attend spinning classes, bootcamp, legs bums and tums, body conditioning. Through this I developed a network of friends - my gym buddies. And my relationship with them grew, so to me the gym was no longer a chore that I would attend to gain my goal weight it now became a social spot for me to interact and socialise with my new fit friends. 

Eventually after a few months into the gym and a couple of pounds lighter my weight plateaued and I knew that something had to change. i started playing badminton and found it so enjoyable that I would play for a couple of hours after some of the classes I would attend. 

My fourfits sisters encouraged me to start running and you all know how much of a challenge running is for me, but I knew it was something that would further push me towards my goal. Over the past year I participated in a couple of runs and if someone had told me this time last year that I would one day run a 10k I would have never believed it. The first 10k run I participated in, I trained with a colleague of mine, and although I would cry out of frustration I could see the benefits - I was getting smaller.

The month before my wedding, I looked at myself and compared an old photo to what I was now, and the transformation has been unreal. Although I started fitness as a way for me to work towards this perfect image of myself walking down the aisle, fitness has somehow seeped it's way into my life and made me a happier and stronger person. Aesthetically it has changed me dramatically, but mentally it has done wonders. I am incredibly happier, and although it may appear that I have reached my goal, I have realised that the road of fitness is endless and I am definitely not stopping here!


The big day itself was beyond amazing, I felt confident, I absolutely loved how I looked in my dress and I am so glad that I started this incredible path of fitness, but there's so much more that I want to achieve.... my goal hasn't changed... it's just now a different dress.

-  four the perfect dress