NTC stands for Nike Training Club.

These classes are held throughout Nike stores across London without costing a thing! Yep you heard me, free! These are full body work outs specifically designed for women. These workouts were inspired by world acclaimed athletes and developed through years of research to help women get lean, tone and strong. Bookings can be made in advance via Facebook on the Nike Training Club page. 

But from the 18th - 24th January, NTC Week came to London! Fitness fanatics were given the opportunity to work out with some of the best trainers, in the best locations of London. Sounds pretty epic right? So when we discovered the timetable for NTC Week had been released we immediately signed up to some of the classes we were interested in. 


What: Yoga 

Why: Improves flexibility and agility. Builds muscle strength, perfects posture and increases blood flow. 

Where: The Orbit, Olympic Park

Yoga by Jessica Skye | @fatbuddhayoga / www.fatbuddhayoga.com

Jessica is a yoga enthusiast and DJ. Her classes bring a modern approach to yoga for the next generation of yogis. Her ethos is to not take yoga (or life) too seriously, and uses this as a tool to create a balance between modern urban lifestyles with a healthy, positive thinking. She also DJ's at some of London's hotspots (Ministry of Sound & Soho House Group) so it is not a surprise that music plays a pivotal role during her classes. Tailor made mixes ensure that no two classes are the same. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, her classes delivers techniques for all ranges of ability. 

Try out a yoga session with Jessica at the Nike store, Stratford Westfield. Book your place for a spot at https://apps.facebook.com/ntc_live_classes/

Summary: What a perfect way to start the week on a Monday night, overlooking the best views of London at the Olympic Park. Jessica has this calm aura about her, that even if you struggle holding a pose you're not left feeling de-motivated because "I can't get this right" (something I know too well about) but you're somewhat relaxed to just let it happen. She gives variations of poses for those extra brave to push themselves further or those who just want to enjoy and release some tension. 

  *Photography supplied courtesy of Nike Women UK

*Photography supplied courtesy of Nike Women UK

What: Yoga | Skate

Why: Yoga builds on strength, balance and dexterity - definitive characteristics required when you jump on that skateboard. 

Where: Bay Sixty6 Skate Park

YOGA by Sylvia Garcia @sylviasyoga

Sylvia comes from a dance background really complimenting the strong and fluid movements of the yoga practice. She generally practices Ashtanga but has a diverse style portfolio including Jivamukti, Iyengar, Shadow, Yin, Vikram, Dynamic, Vinyasa flow, Kundalini, Hatha, Power and Restorative yoga.

You will find Sylvia at Nike 1948 Yoga Flex: Thursdays 7-8pm.

SKATE by Sam Bruce @sam_bruce_skate with other skate instructors. 

As a child Sam dabbled with a skateboard but being a girl, wasn't allowed to continue. As a teenager she would sit on the sidelines of the skatepark observing and analysing the movement of her soon-to-be fellow skateboarders. She committed to the cause and became the wicked skateboarder she is today.

Summary :  A cool Friday night vibe, starting off with yoga in the comfort of the Hot Pod Yoga pod then giving it some 'kick, push...coast' on the skateboards. Jerkalicious chicken wraps provided by Mama's Jerk with complimentary range of alcoholic & non alcoholic bevvies!

What: NTC class

Where: One Mayfair, Mayfair

Who: Multiple

NTC is a full body workout using your own body weight as well as incorporating fast paced drills to get the heart pumping. 

Summary: This was the final day of NTC week and we were given the chance to attend a 'surprise class' to end the epicness of NTC Week. The location itself was so beautiful you immediately felt the grandness of the day. It felt somewhat like a finale of a play where they perform their last big sequence. This was it. Having Kiss FM on the decks to provide up beat and motivating tunes to keep our minds focused for the next hour or so was literally the icing on the cake. There were roughly 8 trainers in total during the class that would consistently encourage you to push through. 

I think it is safe to speak on behalf of all of us, when I say we absolutely loved attending the classes held by Nike Women during NTC Week! It had been by far the most enjoyable week of 2015. It was the perfect way to start the new year and set the bar for the following year ahead. 

If you missed NTC Week, no need to fret as you can book your place for an NTC class here:


Alternatively, there is an NTC audio based training app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device which includes 100+ full body workouts which were designed by Nike trainers. You will then have the benefit of enjoying NTC classes in the comfort of your own home.

If you do book a place at one of the NTC classes in London, do let us know and hopefully we'll see you there!

- four the bikini bod