Unlike my dark brown eyes, fitness isn't something you're born with, it is a lifestyle that is selectively adopted. And despite its well documented benefits at prolonging ones lifespan, it is often disregarded and picked up as often and quickly as one pleases. And why? Because it's hard bloody work! Unless you have three other beauty's to fight the good fight right alongside you!



It is a well known fact that fitness has never been a part of my growing up. Stuffing my face with rice and fried goodness, thanks to my Filipino heritage, and sweets however was. Whilst being active went as far as the occasional short run for the bus or walk up the escalators when I was running (so very often) late. Then one day I looked at my post american fast-food indulged photos and forced myself to accept that something needed to change. I was slowly but surely unhappily eating my way into a grave. And so I did it, I bought first pair of train-ers and ran and cleanly ate my way through to a 2 stone lighter and healthier me. But instead of ending my fitness journey there, it only grew harder to keep and maintain. 


Working long and varying shifts at work, left me exhausted and discouraged to get my ass to the gym. Despite my every intention to work towards a healthier “bikini bod”, the reality of meticulously eating my fruits and veg, waving goodbye to our favourite additive filled snacks and hello to muscle breaking work outs after or even before work was not exactly entrancing. Until the three power forces under the names of Natalie, Stephanie and Vicky came to the rescue in the form of fourfits!


When I'm tired from back to back shifts, they motivate me with their 5am gym sessions. When I'm lost and bored of my current work-out regime, they suggest classes they've tried with somuchmore  (discount code: WW4FOURFITS for a weeks free trial) and book me in alongside them, and push me along with words of encouragement. When I've eaten far too many sweets, vicky who is constantly experimenting and researching into her intolerances, reminds me to be more mindful of what I put into my system.





Collectively, they are my biggest #LumiaFitnessInspiration. Each with their own fitness quests, conquering each of them in form of “four the perfect dress” and “shredding four the wedding”, they have further pushed me towards mastering my goals. As we have confided with one another about our various body issues, I am reminded me that there is no such thing as “the perfect body”. Every body is a different shape, size and contour, and its about working with you have and feeling strong and proud of the mould that your skin sits over.


Through fourfits and the various inspiring women I've met along the way, including Becky Pykett, Natalie Goddard, Natasha Richardson and Charlie Cohen, Ive realised that no one fitness journey is without sweat and commitment, and heavily reliant on the support of those around you. As they keep you motivated and on your toes, reminding you of your goals and checking up on your progress, and best of all, calling you out when you lose focus and slack. Because life will always create excuses for you opt for the pizza delivery man and your comfy sofa. But at the end of the day, you can think fitter and slimmer but unless you actually change your diet and attend a class or put in work at the gym, this picture will remain a pipe dream - being fit is a choice. And choosing to keep fit is an option I will gladly continue to embrace alongside my fourfits sisters.



- four the love of food



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