Oxygen Freejumping got us bouncing around Acton, West London enjoying the launch of Oxygenise their two new fitness classes – Airborne & Rebound. The high intensity classes take place within the walls of the 27,000 sq.ft Trampoline Park – And honestly, what could possibly beat working out in a venue that was built for jumping FUN?!

This place is jumping


Personally, I find the jumping movement comes more natural to me than jogging. When picking a cardio activity I always draw towards workouts like HIIT or boxing which incorporate burpees or skipping rather than opting for long distance running. So for me, I find this is a brilliant cardio alternative. NASA research suggests trampolining is 3x more effective than jogging, our research suggests it's 4x more FUN!


  • High intensity
  • 12 - 15 people per class
  • 45 - 60 mins
  • £10 per person / per class
  • Around 405 calories burned in 45 mins
  • www.oxygenfreejumping.co.uk

Rebound (Conditioning)

Rebounding has grown much more common in the last few years and is an excellent way to keep fit and strengthen your body, particularly for those who have injuries or are in recovery since a majority of the impact is being absorbed by the trampoline rather than your joints.

The rebounder is a fairly firm, small circular trampoline. The idea is not to gain height as you would on a normal trampoline, but rather to maintain your core and resist the push of the rebounder. 

Oxygenise Rebound is set in a private fitness studio away within the Trampoline Park. Magic, our instructor turned on the tunes and started with a small warm up. We proceeded to build on multiple exercises, layering them until we formed a whole routine. The moves were easy to follow and the music helped keep the beat, drawing on dance elements while really working your legs and core.

Toward the end of the class, we stepped off the rebounder and instead used it to work out the rest of our bodies – sit ups, tricep dips & press ups to name a few.

One of the great things about Rebound is despite your age, fitness or strength level you can take the class at your own pace and can feel improvements week on week. I would implement this into my fitness regime by doing alternate weeks between Rebound and a Reformer Pilates or TRX class.

Airborne (Cardio)

Trampolining at its greatest. The music is pumping, a small area of the park is closed off for the class and the laughter of all the kids and adults fill the air around you - it is truly infectious.

We were put through our paces as we worked up a SWEAT! Our instructor began by teaching us hold our core so we were not flailing around and could keep our balance and coordination. Once we got into the rhythm, we gained momentum and started aiming for height. Confidence was building and we all started jumping higher and higher.

Similar to rebounding, this time we built on different types of jumps such as touching your knees or toes mid-jump. Again we layered the different exercises to form a routine starting off slowly and building to it. With Airborne, the sky is our limit and though I was starting to feel myself fatigue, it was a strange sensation because I just didn’t want to stop! 

Toward the end of the class we did some toning on the trampoline – planks, jump squats and lunges. The jumping tired us out so this was actually pretty tough! We absolutely loved this class and just couldn’t get enough of jumping around from trampoline to trampoline and literally trying to bounce off the walls. 

I would implement this into my fitness regime by doing alternate weeks between Airborne and a HIIT or Spinning class.


Beforethe launch of Oxygenise, Oxygen Freejumping is primarily a Trampoline Park where anyone and everyone can enjoy an hour of pure jumping fun. Across the park you will find various areas such as the Tumble Track, Obstacle course, Dodgeball and one my personal faves, The Giant Airbag – because everything is so bouncy, I find myself taking a run up and flipping myself into the giant bag!

In addition, the venue also offers Trampoline & Freerunning Academy, Family bounce sessions, Toddler sessions & Teen Takeovers. Sessions can be booked privately or as a party venue (just a few weeks ago I celebrated my best friend’s 29th birthday at a Trampoline Park so it truly caters to all ages!) 

Can’t wait to see what else Oxygen Freejumping has in store for us! In the meantime, pop in and JUMP around, I guarantee you will most definitely leave with a smile!

I challenge anyone to jump on a trampoline and not smile.
— David Stalker, Oxygen Freejumping Co-Founder (Former CEO of UKActive)

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