It's a bright and early Saturday morning, and where were we? At the Hoxton Hotel getting our dose of endorphins! Last weekend we attended "Fresh & Fit Fest", which you might have read about in a previous post. Hosted by the good folks down at Hoxton Hotel, it was a day full of fitness, inspiration, and treats to keep you motivated for the year ahead.

Despite the event being held within my local area, I am rather ashamed to say I have never been to Hoxton hotel, as the venue is aesthetically so pleasing to the eye. I love the quirky little posters laid on the walls and hearty feel of the mixed metals, wood work and brick. I walked in to “The Apartment” and felt like I was home, with an open breakfast bar of superseeds courtesy of Punch Foods (code: PFFS1212 for 15% off), popcorn galore from Propercorn, yummy health drinks by Alibi and the dairy free Everything but the Cow, and on top of that frozen yogurt from Lick, the only froyo made with 100% frozen yoghurt! (My mind was literally blown away by that fact because I naively assumed all froyo is yoghurt…but one taste of their flavours and you taste the difference, trust me.) 


And the treats did not stop there, with samples from the naturally sourced Balance Me (use code: HOXTONFITNESS for 15% off your first order till 28th February), pop-ups from  Urban Massage who gave out free massages throughout the event, and the dynamite ladies at faschercise who tempted us all before pay day with a gorgeous discounted range of fabulous fitness wear. 


And just FYI they hold a 3k & 5k running club every other Wednesday at the Hoxton hotel, Holborn from 7pm. So if your in the area and feel like running about town with a bunch of amazing girls, sign up on their site and treat yourself to a cheeky cocktail after - Lord knows I will be.


Fresh and Fit Fest was a great chance to try out a few cool classes as we were lucky enough to be able to attend a Frame Signature Mash up class by the wonderful Ida May, you may recognise her as one of the badass instructors at the newly open 1Rebel (read our experience here) and we were definitely stretched and powered on with a fusion of dance, yoga and Pilates. Being the absolute champ that she is, she also troupered along and led two further classes, Body by Frame and Dynamic stretch, which I'm sure would have put us through our paces.


And for those of you who wanted to try something different, there were definite options in the mix for you with a tough boxercise class held by Darren at Love Your Body Health hub, and unique Flex and the City class held by our dear friend Nicola from City is my Playground.


Alongside the classes, various talks were held by some incredible women who's drive and determination could kick start even a sloth into gear, as we attended a talk by a fellow East Londoner Just Geen who inspired us with her fitness journey and encouraged us with her story. A Qualified PT, she found focusing on bettering herself through health and fitness to be a great form of therapy through the turbulent times of her life, and so set out on a quest to help others be the best that they could be also, training others in her spare time and helping with their meal preps (which you too can obtain here), from which her brand developed.

Although we were not able to attend the whole day, being someone who has always been afraid of the weight room, it came as a healthy reminder to hear that a fellow female in the form of Sally moss, founder of Strength Ambassadors, was speaking on the changing attitudes and benefits of weight training in “Ladies who lift”. Often we associate weights with body building, however, they are a great platform from which to develop muscle strength and postural form. So don't be little kitten like i was and hide from the weight room, whether your can lift 10kg or 100kg..embrace your inner strength and LIFT that booty into place.

Fresh and Fit Fest was a fantastic event from which to learn from and be inspired by the some of locals in our community, and hear how their flight to a healthier and fitter lifestyle led to their brands development . It was great to see so many individuals come into one space and share their tips and tricks to help keep us all in shape after the Christmas let-go. And again it was all for FREE, so keep an eye out for the next event coming in summer - no doubt it will be a day not to be missed.


- four the love of food