Activbod is a a body and face skin care range designed and formulated by active people for the active person in mind. We've recently been on the hunt for products that can aid us on our fitness journey. We sometimes find that certain moisturisers are just too thick before a long run, or an exfoliator just doesn't quite cut it.

We have previously touched on this brand during Vicki's post on Urban Jungle Skin Therapy where she reviewed Game Changer Face Scrub. Since she was so pleased with the results we knew we wanted more. So, we all jumped on the opportunity to try one product each from the range to see if it could become part of our beauty regime. 

If I'm doing a high intensity workout I tend to get really hot and irritated and all I want to do is strip off and feel the outside cold air. That's not really ideal because 1. I will be naked, and 2. I will be naked outside.

So to avoid those public mishaps, I have recently been applying this little gem Cooling Finish Lotion (RSP £12.00) after my hot showers to, satisfyingly, cool my skin down. 

It is a non-sticky body lotion, containing menthol that delivers a cooling sensation to your skin as soon as it is applied. It contains vitamin E acetate and allantoin to moisturise and repair dry skin.

I will note though, that although this does work for moments where I do get over heated, I wouldn't recommend it for daily use as I do prefer a heavier moisturiser on a day to day basis. 

That being said, this has become my go-to whenever I need to wake my body up from deep slumber in the morning, since it's cooling effects wakes my body and mind to hurry up and get ready to keep warm!

- four the bikini bod


Feel Great Shower Concentrate (RSP £5.00) is a handy deodorising shower gel. As it is concentrated it is able to deliver double the washes, perfect I thought and immediately chucked it into my gym washbag ready for my next spin session.

This rejuvenating shower gel has an energising blend of sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil that work together to cleanse and nourish the skin. On first use, the first thing that hit me was it's smell of pepper, eucalyptus and lemon - it's lovely and perfect for in the shower straight after a sweaty session in the gym. The calming feeling and the smell together made me feel like I was in a spa.

A little really does go a long way with this smart little tube which is why it's perfect for me who hates carrying too much in my gym bag.

- four the perfect dress


Advertised as "a deep cleansing body polish to scrub away dirt, cleanse pores and stimulate circulation" the 'Pick Me Up Scrub' (RSP £8.00) does exactly what it says on the tin, despite the fine and sparsely dispersed beads within its gelish texture.

As an avid body scrub user, I much prefer a harsh scrub that I can really feel scrapping off the dirt, and it is for that reason alone that I wouldn't really recommend the this product if exfoliation is what your looking for. As a mild scrub with minimally abrasive properties, it more suited towards regular use as a deep cleanser, which is great for you frequent gym go-ers.

That being said, my skin felt as smoother than a baby's bottom after my first use (before lotion application might I add) and left an uplifting sensation on my skin that I would happily reapply and purchase for that post-work out treat, week after week. With the added aroma of green tea to invigorate and relax the body after a hard session of activity, it's antibac properties are ideal for maintaining clean and healthy skin. The perfect pick me up indeed. 

- four the love of food


Mind over Matter (RSP £5.00) is a 100% natural aromatherapy balm. After rubbing the balm on my wrists and temples, I find the powerful scent offers a helpful boost and allows me to hone in my thoughts and refocus. It's such a great aid for keeping fit as we know that it is often our state of mind that determines the success of a workout. However I must admit I have found myself using this nifty little pocket sized gem at work. It has officially earned its pride of place in the side pocket of my Louis alongside my YSL lippy and box of Smint!

I wouldn't have thought a balm with as many scents as Mind over Matter would work as well as it does but like the rest of the activbod range it has a gorgeous blend of fragrances that's really easy on the nose. To name but a few of the ingredients, the mentha arvensis (menthol) opens up the airways to allow a better flow of oxygen to your brain and both the menthol and clary sage are known for there ability to focus the mind. 

I absolutely love it and there's no wonder why it's one of activbod's best sellers!

- four that strut


What's so great about this range is that it is easily accessible. You can purchase from the Activbod website or if you don't want to wait for an online order to come through, just head down to Boots to get your hands on some goodies!

You can thank us later ;)

fourfits x