Champagne, food, hair, make up, tees and photoshoots - now that is how you launch a Nike Women's Run Series! The other night we were kindly invited to attend the launch for a series of runs, happening in over 20 cities across the globe (including our hometown of Manila!), and we couldn't be more pampered or excited! Read on to see how you too can sign up.

If you can run, you can run a race.

As many of you know, we ran our first 10km last may with Nike's We Own The Night, and now Nike are back with another run in the form of Nike Women's Race series for this years women's 10km run. 

Happening on 21st of June in Londons Victoria park, if it's Anthing like last year, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience! So Whether it's your first or perhaps one of your fastest races to date, it's time to push your limits and sign up to with the Nike Women’s 10km London run. 

This year is all about CREW LOVE, and we would love to have you join #teamfourfits, so if you do fancy running alongside us: 



1. Register Here

2. Select 'Join Team'

3. Search for Team Name: #TEAMfourfits

4. Enter Team Password: fourfits4  .... And you're in!

Whichever team you choose to run with, its all about having fun, so grab your girlfriends, laces up them sneakers and let's take on this challenge together!



The journey to the finish line starts here and its always more fun as a team.


- four the love of food