Oh so good for you - wait really? A chocolate that is beneficial for your gut? I know, it sounds way too good to be true. We were lucky to have received some yummy Ohso treats in our Sweaty Betty Fly Flex Flow goody bags -  we found them so yummy in fact, we ate them up without thinking twice. But here is some food for thought for you: with as little as 63 calories, one daily choccie bar packs a hell of punch - over a billion Lactobacillus Helveticus and Bifidobacterium Longum (AKA. GOOD) bacteria!


According to team Ohso's research, the good bacteria when infused in chocolate is three times more effective than using dairy drinks or yoghurts to achieve optimal gastrointestinal functions. It seems the chocolate state protects our friendly old bacteria helping more of it pass through the stomach in a much more effective way. 


For you chocolate lovers out there, I know you may not care about these impressive stats so I'll move onto the taste test. Each bar contains 53% cocoa belgian chocolate, it has a fairly deep taste to it so If you like dark chocolate this is the treat for you. Despite the fact that I generally prefer milk or white chocolate, the girls and I really enjoyed Ohso. I think the fruity flavours (lemon, orange and raspberry) added a sweeter side compared to original which offers a range of options for you. I personally saw Ohso as more of a healthy tasty treat than your typical chocolate bar.

One package of Ohso contains 7 daily bars (that's pack lunch sorted!) for £3.99 + delivery or alternatively you can opt for a set of weekly orders for free delivery. The idea is to be able to have an Ohso-a-day. Now, I don't crave chocolate enough to warrant a daily bar, but I know lots of people that do.


To nab yourself a pack of bars head onto their website: www.ohsolovesyourtummy.com or it can also be found at Holland and Barrett.

Overall, I find Ohso a superior alternative to other post-meal sugar cravings and it gives you your daily dose of good bacteria!

I'm off to treat myself to a bar... It is Valentine's Day after all!

- four that strut