The weeks from January to February have flown by. I have come to the end of week 5 of my 22 week #ShreddingFOURtheWedding journey. If you read my previous post you'll knowmy first two weeks were all about building the foundation to a much fitter and healthier lifestyle. Buying a wedding dress that is far too small is risky business. After the initial introduction to my new regime - week one and two was playtime. It was now time to shock my body into submission.


I made sure my diary was full every single day - it was all about no rest day - YEP work it out ERRRRR DAY! They say the best things in life are free, which was particularly true in this instance. Between Nike NTC Week, the opening of 1Rebel, The Fresh & Fit Fest and my body conditioning class at my local gym, I had absolutely no excuse but to pencil in at least one if not two sessions a day. The transition felt like going from a leisurely stroll to a sprint within less than a millisecond (I left myself no time to breathe).

Since my last entry, I began taking weekly pictures as I knew eventually, I wanted to put up some form of before and after image. I also find visual aid a much better judge than weight alone in terms of how far you have come. At the end of week FOUR, I started putting all the pics I had taken into one folder and I actually shocked myself as to how much difference the last two weeks had had. I debated for a long while whether or not to share these pics with my fourfits chicas let alone put them up on our blog. I am far from being even close to my ideal size or shape but I figured I started this particular blog feature to be honest to myself and to motivate myself (and possibly others) to continue their journey - so here it goes. The below image shows my week by week comparison from week 2 to week 4.



Considering it was BIRTHDAY WEEK I still tried to make that time for a workout (not as much as I had done in the run up) but as I knew would happen, the sudden introduction of a rest day came very well appreciated. 

The girls and I hit up a Hip Hop and Dancehall event for my Friday night birthday celebrations, and to be fair - we must have burnt our fair share of calories dancing, twerking and grinding the night away. Fab time - and all my pressies came in the form of fitness gear to encourage and support my #ShreddingFOURtheWedding mission! :)

I will leave this short and sweet for now - until the next few weeks. Keep checking in on my week by week journal in the run up to the wedding!

- four that strut



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