Comb is a completely free mobile app (available on IOS and Android), which gives you access to over 1000 brands from high end to high street and over 2 million fashion items for men and women. The advanced searching technology allows you to gather inspo from pictures so you can ‘Comb’ an outfit or pattern and search through all the online products to find the perfect outfit match. The app makes it unbelievably simple to search, share with friends and purchase products - FASHION LOVERS PARADISE!

A search and discovery engine for fashion & lifestyle products
— Comb

Take a pic or screenshot of anything - a pattern, a new style, a coat you recently saw in a magazine and Comb allows you to search the massive catalogue of online products based on your image. Gone were the days of... 'I really like that dress but have no idea where its from' you can find exactly what you want plus more.

You can also do a Search using filtering by different categories similar to usual shopping websites so don't worry if you don't have an image!

The Comb App can be completely personalised to you. You are able to set up your own profile and you can follow other users, friends or fashion icons based on a similar style so you can view items they have chosen. You are able to save items on your profile so you cam share with friends or you can purchase the item at a later date or continue to search something similar.

 The founders of the Comb App - Ingenious!

The founders of the Comb App - Ingenious!

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Comb App launch a little while ago at Chinawhites club in London. A great event with cocktails and even a full length photobooth! Founders, Liam Doolan and Moeez Ali gave us a short and heart warming speech and I even got to talk to Liam over a glass of bubbly.

As fashion lovers we think the app is an awesome and innovative idea - It's like having a Shazam app for fashion!!

It works incredibly well - I was surprised HOW WELL IT ACTUALLY WORKED! As soon as I downloaded it I was taking screenshots of fitness fashion looks i'd found on Instagram and searching them on the app. Within seconds it had found similar pieces or even the exact item! I was hooked!!

Join now and search 'fourfits' and lets discover more fit and fabulous fashion items together!

Download the App at

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