This Wednesday, we had the privilege to attend a Reebok CrossFit session at CrossFit Blackfriars for the unveiling of Team Reebok UK - A super FIT and FABULOUS bunch made up of 7 leading CrossFit athletes in the country. Not only did we get to meet and train with the team, we were also able to trial the new Reebok Nano 5.0 during our CrossFit session - I know, we were excited - I do love that shoe!


We had previously attended a CrossFit session for the launch of #BreakYourSelfie where we first met Becky Pykett, a full time CrossFit coach from Reebok CrossFit Reading. Before this, I would have been so intimidated to train in the same room as a top CrossFit athlete, but Becky was so lovely and immediately made us all feel at ease. Alongside Becky, Team Reebok UK is headed up by Steve Fawcett, a Reebok CrossFit Games 2015 competitor.

I am really excited to be joining the first ever Team Reebok UK, alongside some of the Top UK CrossFit athletes. Having recently competed at the Reebok 2015 CrossFit Games, I hope to use all that experience to help the team grow and flourish. I’m incredibly grateful to work alongside such talented CrossFit athletes and am delighted to get the chance with my fellow teammates to engage with the CrossFit Community within the UK, taking it from strength to strength.
— Steve Fawcett, Team Reebok UK


In pairs, we made our way down the length of the room doing a set of warm up exercises:

  • Spiderman
  • Walk Out Planks
  • Walking Lunge with Side Waves

We then carried out 10 reps x 3 rounds of:

  • Pushups
  • Hollow Body Rock


I have to say, we will never listen to the song Moby - Flower in the same way again. The aim of the challenge is to stand / squat based on whether the lyrics playing are 'Bring Sally Up' (Stand) or 'Bring Sally Down' (Squat). We were asked to stand in a circle so we could focus on and support each other. All the trainers and Team Reebok UK squatted along with us shouting words of encouragement all the way through. As you'd expect, there seem to be longer periods where Sally was down but we all somehow managed to pull through the pain together. This is a brilliant exercise to do at home and you can vary the exercise between squats, push ups, planks or sit ups depending on the day!


We were split into teams of four (perfect for fourfits!) and assigned our very own Team Captain from Team Reebok UK. Jordan Wallace was our Team Captain and was bursting with motivation. He made sure we each new what we were doing, watched our our form and pushed us to keep going.


In pairs we took it in turns to carry out:

  • 50 Toe To Bars with Bar Hanging
  • 50 Burpees with Planks
  • 50 Overhead Lunges with Overhead Holds

While one pair were working out, the other pair was resting. Jordan immediately made us feel comfortable despite the fact that he is clearly on a completely different level of fitness to us. He helped us vary the exercise so we could complete the reps to our own pace and ability. We were not able to do Toes to Bar so instead we did Knees to Chest while we held ourselves up on the bar. 


The four of us were the final team to finish our WOD. Where usually this would be really disappointing and  you would then feel rushed to finish, the atmosphere and support from the trainers, the other teams and Team Reebok UK ignited further - the cheers & clapping helped us push even harder and faster. The camaraderie and feeling of 'not leaving anyone behind' is one of the utmost things I love and respect about Reebok CrossFit which is difficult to find elsewhere.


After the workout, we had some time to catch up with the members of Team Reebok UK. It was really interesting for us find out more about their training, how they started CrossFit and what they used to do before CrossFit. I found it really inspiring to hear about their individual journeys and some of their humble beginnings - Bex for instance, first trained in an old-school CrossFit box where the pull up frame was actual scaffolding!


Team Reebok UK clock up an impressive total of over 25 years of CrossFit experience, each member bringing something different to the group. Having met with the team, I think Reebok's hand pick of members are perfect and completely embody the of Reebok ’Be More Human’ campaign.

  • Steve Fawcett (Reebok CrossFit Games 2015 competitor - placed 26th)

  • Bex Hall (Bath/CrossFit Bath, full time coach)

  • Rob Lawson (Aberdeen, CrossFit Aberdeen, box owner and Level 1 CrossFit staff)

  • Becky Pykett (Reading, Reebok CrossFit Reading, full time CrossFit coach and PT)

  • Hilary Riordan (Cork, Guerilla Fitness CrossFit Clonakilty, Box owner)

  • Matt Thompson (Liverpool, Reebok CrossFit 3D, Electrical engineer in HM Navy)

  • Jordan Wallace (Reebok CrossFit Tyneside, box owner)


I loved my Nano 4.0's and the new upgrade to 5.0 is just that - a new and improved Nano. With all the benefits of 4.0 the 5.0 provides the same support but feels much more lightweight and flexible.


The breathable Nano is made from Kevlar® featuring 360° BulletCage built for added protection . The Nano sole has flexible cushioning making it highly adaptable for everyday use, but the 5.0 boasts a newly engineered anatomical heel counter and foot bed with an R55 platform for additional high rebound and cushioning.


The outer sole features MetaSplit flex groove for advanced grip, traction and stability. This impressive edition of the shoe also sees an update to RopePro+ for shoe protection during rope climbs. This shoe was tailored specifically for the CrossFit athlete and developed in association with the CrossFit community. This shoe could not be more in tune with the CrossFit workout, but I still stand by the fact that it is a great all-round shoe for a range of different studio and outdoor workouts.


The more we attend CrossFit classes, the more I grow to love the culture and find myself addicted to the workout format. It is definitely a tough workout but the workouts can be tailored in a way that two people with very different difficulty levels can workout together in the same space at the same time. If you have not yet tried it, I would highly recommend popping down to your nearest box to give it a go!

- four that strut



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