Yes, it's official, I now have the Edge!! I am addicted to Edge Cycle and writing this as a fully fledged paying member! It all started when I found an offer on their Facebook page offering 10 days of unlimited classes for £10! Having been a regular spinner at my local Leisure Centre, I was keen to try a spin-only studio to see how different the experience was. 

Photo Credit: Edge Cycle

Edge Cycle, located just off Chancery Lane is a Spin Studio with a difference. Not only do they give you a great leg work-out with an intensive spin session, but they also offer a full body workout by incorporating bootcamp elements. Their studio is one of the spacious spin rooms I've seen, bikes are not handle-bar to handle-bar close but spread out with floor mats inbetween, ready for when we have to jump off the bikes for strength training with weights. When the class starts, lights go off and it turns into serious club mode - flashing LED's and a pumping sound system to match. 

Photo Credit: Edge Cycle

Photo Credit: Edge Cycle

I walked in on my first day of the offer feeling really excited and pumped. I had spoken on the phone with Nicholas and was happy to put a face to the name as he stood at the desk welcoming everyone in. He swiftly set me up an account and handed me over to the lovely Ingrid who showed me round as well as help me get set up on the bike. I'm not used to wearing cleats and found them difficult at first, but Ingrid talked me though everything. 

I have participated in a variety of classes all of which I felt I got a lot out of, some are listed below:

When: Wednesday 5:30pm
Class: Edge Bootcamp with Gary
Gary is a Team GB Triathlete so upon arriving at his class I knew it wasn't going to be easy! The class mixes spin with Bootcamp exercises. We spent the first third of the class on the bike doing a mix of sprints and hill climbs to classic pop tunes (keep an ear out for his Elton John jam) before jumping off to do exercises such as squats, sit-ups, crunches oblique twists and air punches with weights in sets of FOUR! Gosh what a killer, and by the time I've got my breath back, we're back on the bike to finish!! Gary has such great energy about him - when leaving his class (crawling out more like) he's standing by the door giving us all high-fives and praises! I certainly leave his class feeling on a high!

When: Thursday 7:00pm
Class: Edge Cycle with Paola
Paola took us through our paces with endurance training which was something I never experienced before. She explained that endurance training is about extended periods of consistent work. Unlike interval training it's not a case of blasting your heart rate off the charts, instead it's about working hard and being able to sustain it without recovery breaks. I found her class really tough but very beneficial! It challenged me and I would push myself to keep that level of intensity. I walked out the class feeling proud of myself. I never knew I was able to sustain that type of workout! Paola's class is a great class to do weekly as you can see the progress each time.   

When: Friday 6:30pm
Class: Edge Cycle with Tara 
Tara may have that sweet face but she takes no prisoners! Her playlist is a constant mix-play which means there's not much time for breaks inbetween tracks! Tara loves intervals and her class is based on various sets on different intensities! She's informative and gives a clear instructions while in the class. I always feel really focused and motivated in Tara's class because I am aware of what's coming up next. She count's us in and updates us on how many we have left. I find myself constantly gritting my teeth and pushing though when she says the words "add it on, enough to feel a difference".    

When: Sunday 10:30am 
Class: Sunday Special Class - Latin Craze with Ingrid
Every week on Sunday, Edge Cycle hold special spin classes on rotation. Classes currently on rotation are Yoga, Ab Attack, Latin Craze and Fight-Club. These classes are great for those who find a full spin class too intense or want to mix up and try something new. Latin Craze would be my recommendation - It's such great fun! Ingrid has us on the bikes while playing carnival jams and then off the bikes to a mix of salsa and dancehall to very simple but high intensity choreography to keep us sweating!

Walking into Edge Cycle is so welcoming. I have been so often that the stairway, the scent of the freshly washed towels, the (now) familiar faces feels like home to me. Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming where we have come to feel like #TeamEdge has become family. 

Photo Credit: Edge Cycle

Great end to a working day - nothing beats that euphoric feeling as you run down the stairs heavy legged to make your way home.

Prices start at £15 per class or £59 for an unlimited month use. We have a special offer for all readers! £40 a month for unlimited use! All you have to do is call 020 7242 6442 or email: quoting #TEAMfourfits!

Have a look here at their timetable and see you there soon!

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