Following from March's successful #workit collaboration with Barrecore (read more here), the new summer series has officially launched, recruiting 3 of our favorite fitness bloggers to take part in free six week workout programmes from May through to September!

These fit ladies will introduce each progamme as part of instructional workout videos, which will be readily available for any female to join and take part in the series over on Adidas' Facebook page.

Learning that some of our favourite bloggers were chosen to take centre stage of the #workout series, we couldn't resist but have a quick chat with them.

Over the weekend, Adidas launched their first chosen fitness blogger Em Sheldon from Em Talks to showcase the new workout. Here's what Em had to say about her life in fitness:

 1. Have you always been an active person?

100%! From Athletics in my teens to ballet as a child and then ice skating, gymnastics and everything in between! Sports day was always my favourite day. I only really started going to the gym when I was 16/17 and fitness became a real passion when I hit 19. 

2.       What is your favourite workout / sport and why?

I absolutely love, but at the same time really hate interval training!! We have a real love/hate relationship. It's quick, it's intense and I see results - but it hurts! My favourite move has to be a squat, it tones everything! My favourite sports are athletics and ice skating! I used to do athletics for my city and quitting is one of my biggest regrets; ice skating is just one of my favourite sports to do, I find it so fun that I almost forget it’s exercise but it really gets your legs moving! 

3.       What is your diet on a daily basis like?

I believe in a balance and take an 80-20 approach to my diet. I don't cut out pizza and chocolate completely but I wouldn't eat them every day. I try to be healthy 80% of the time and enjoy what I fancy for the other 20% - I don't believe in depriving yourself. On mornings I'll eat oats with banana, greek yoghurt and blueberries and I love to sprinkle nuts, flax seed and pumpkin seeds on top. I also usually drink about 3 green teas a day. For lunch I'll have two poached eggs on brown bread or wholewheat pasta loaded with tuna, spinach and kale. For dinner I'll make my favourite - sweet potato burgers. I always snack on apples or oats. I've never smoked, I don't drink fizzy drinks and I try to avoid white bread and white pasta. My key advice for diet is don't deprive because then you'll just binge and put all the weight back on! 

4.       What has been your biggest accomplishment in fitness so far?

Being chosen to work with adidas on the #workit Summer Series and the opportunity it gives me to share my passion for fitness. My workout programme will be taking me on a six-week journey to feeling stronger and more powerful and confident for summer – I hope that people will join me and follow the workouts too. I also beat my personal bests at the gym quite often and that always feels really good! 

5.       What is the best fitness advice you have been given?

Don't cut carbs! A personal trainer I worked with told me how important certain carbs are for your body. Another bit of advice I was given is literally ‘just squat’! If you do one exercise, squat as it works the whole body! 

6.       How do you set your goals?

I set personal goals, after gym session I write down what I achieved, then every gym session after that I set myself the challenge to beat it! It really helps! 

7.       Do you have a saying you live your life by?

I have two – ‘when one door closes another door opens’ and ‘everything happens for a reason’! Clichés I know but I love them. 

8.       What inspired you to start blogging?

I have always had a huge passion for so many things and wanted to share them with someone! 

9.       Who are your fitspirations?

Elle Macpherson, Jen Selter and Jess Ennis! 

10.   What is your current favourite adidas piece (clothing / footwear)?

The beautiful multicolored two-piece shorts and crop you can see me wearing on my videos! 

*Want to shop the look, click below:

Crop top


11.   adidas is such an amazing brand, how does Adidas reflect / compliment your personal brand?

adidas is strong and forward thinking, I like to think as a person, I am strong minded and have overcome things and used them to make me stronger! I have always had a passion for sport and obviously, adidas is the same. 

12.   Any final tips to give our readers on how to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle?

The key is in the word 'lifestyle' - being fit and healthy isn't a fad or a one week thing, make it part of your ever day routine and life and it'll be so much easier to maintain! Making small changes will lead to big differences, for example, cutting out fizzy drinks and lowering how much processed food you eat, taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking rather than driving will make a real difference!  

Keep peeping back to the blog to see more on the other two fitness bloggers Cat Meffan from Imperfect Matter and TV presenter, blogger AJ Odudu as they join Em in showcasing the #workit series.

- four the bikini bod


*Photo credit: Adidas UK