No way has it already been a year since fourfits formed?! It's incredible how time flies ey?

fourfits somewhat accidentally started after a hula hooping session this time last year. As a four, we all felt the need to become fitter, and motivate one another whilst documenting our own personal journeys. It initially started as an Instagram account. Unfortunately, we didn't feel that IG could really document our achievements and struggles in great detail - and BAM the site was formed. On this platform we could really communicate with others and show our personalities so that our readers could truly get to know us. 

Throughout our journey we have come across a multitude of influential individuals and inspiring brands. Especially a fellow blogger, Dani, who writes under the name Mission Worldie. In all honesty, in the little time we have got to know her she really has become an honorary 'fifth-fit'. 

When the idea of us collaborating to celebrate both blogs 1st birthdays (which coincidentally fell in the same month) surfaced it was too tantalizing to resist.   

We knew we didn't want the standard birthday celebration with candles & cake and since we were celebrating our blogs, we decided to evolve the celebrations around fitness. Think of a girly night in with an active twist. 

We really wanted those who have inspired us and helped us on our journey to be present on the day and celebrate our first milestone. So on 25th April 2015, we celebrated our blogs 1st birthday at 93 Feet East in Brick Lane. Watch our full Birthday video below to see all the fun:

On arrival, our guests were given Vita-Coco Spritzer. A tasty concoction of champagne, mango juice and original Vita Coco to get the celebrations going. 

Since the blog focuses on fitness, it was only fitting that we held a class of some sort. The incredible guys at 'FitMi Body' put us through our paces during their HIIT session, which was not for the fain hearted (may I add). It was 30 minutes of pure sweat and torture, but having some fit men surround us whilst aiming to get us into shape isn't something to complain about. 

Fit-Mi Body also held a stand during the event, conducting BMI testing, calculating body fat percentage in which results were given on the spot. It was pretty insightful to see how many wanted their fat to be clamped and measured! 

Just Geen, a qualified personal trainer and meal prep QUEEN, was on board to give us an informal chat about her meal prepping service and tips on how to maintain a balanced diet that can accommodate any type of aim e.g. to shred / gain. She lives be the saying "if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail", which has helped many of her clients reach their optimum size. What is so appealing about her service is that it doesn't focus on calorie counts, as quality is the key to a successful diet. 

Now onto my favourite part of the day...TWERK TWERK TWERK!

Boss Chick came to teach us on how to shake and twerk our way to a fitter body. I absolutely loved this class, having a taste of this class, has spurred me to gather as many females and attend a full session of twerking. The most fabulous part of her class, was during a Beyonce track where we all sang along to Diva and twerked out. 

One of our favourite designers, Lexie Sport, was also showcasing her brand. I'm pretty sure you're all fully aware who this brand is as we frequently rant and rave about Lexie over on our Instagram account. And Lexie Sport has previously featured on our blog during a fit mob early last year. Lexie Sport produces activewear for those who are just as serious about their fashion as they are about performance. Since we're all about fashion, we just had to have Lexie be a part of the event. #fitnessfourfashion oh yes!!

We were fuelled by Gyms Kitchen, who are so awesome they provided meals for all our guests. If you haven't heard about Gyms Kitchen, you need to get in the know!  A gem in East London, providing us with guilt free, simple, healthy and delicious food . A protein based restaurant where the menu's are broken down into macros giving the health conscious person an informative breakdown of their intake. Sounds perfect for fourfits!

G.O.D Bakery gifted us with gluten free cupcakes for all our 40 guests. For a lactose and gluten / wheat intolerant sufferer like myself, G.O.D Bakery was a heaven sent guilt free treat. The brand was initially created to 'outdo' gluten, but through developing their recipe they have created cakes and bakes that not only 'outdo' gluten, but sugar and lactose as well. Since discovering my intolerance's, I have experimented with many bakes and not only can I not tell the difference between a regular cupcake (which is near-impossible), I believe this taste's lighter and so much better. 

To end our celebrations, we wanted to give back to you, our readers a treat to say Thank You for supporting us along the way. Luckily enough, our amazing friends over at Reebok UK and Gymtote thought so too. We uploaded a competition on our social networks for one lucky winner to win a pair of Reebok Cardio Ultra's and another to win a Sophia bag in tan! 

There were so many brands that contributed to the success of our 1st birthday, and in particular, we want to thank: 

VitaCoco UK, Gyms Kitchen, Reebok UK, G.O.D Bakery, Lexie Sport, Faschercise, Sweaty Betty, Dynabites, Propercorn, Chia Pod, Your Tea, Activbod,  GymTote.

On a final note, we also want to thank everyone who attended because without you guys this blog wouldn't be worth doing. You guys are truly our fitspiration!

Have a great day!

Love, fourits x