Recovering from the holiday blues is one thing. Recovering from a holiday virus is another! Due to sickness, this post is a tad bit late - but better late than never!

In 2015, the goal I set myself, like in previous years was to attain a level of fitness for one thing: to look smoking hot in a bikini, hence #fourthebikinibod. Reflecting back, not only did I not achieve this goal, but it was one that constantly made me feel inadequate. 

Now I can blame my lack of fitness on my job, which in fairness has taken up much of my life. It has eaten up so much of my social time due to 'event season' (which can I add, is pretty much all year round) that I blame my lack of activeness on it. "I can't work out today, I've got a deadline. I can't work out today, I'm working at an event." And the excuses continue. 

What I had failed to realise in the past year, is that my inadequate feelings weren't due to my job, or my lack of spare time. It was due to that one goal: #fourthebikinibod

My perception of what an ideal bikini bod was, was ludicrous and for something to make me feel anything less than adequate whenever I put on a bikini or just merely look down at my body shouldn't be a goal at all. My focus was so aesthetic that I somewhat forgot that it was about the journey rather than the end result.

There were moments where I would be in a hiatus and not work out for weeks on end, and then all of a sudden have this renewed motivation to go in hard. Why? Because I was doing it four the bikini bod *rolls eyes*. I would work out like crazy for weeks without a break and it came to a point where I felt as if working out was more of a chore than a lifestyle. 

And for that reason, I am eradicating this goal and replacing it with new ones that not only will contribute to my health, but to my happiness also. 

So whilst I continue this venture to figure out what those goals are, let's cheer to a happier and healthier 2016. 

- doing this four me