We spent our Sunday morning at The Tasty Games !

A circuit of bite-size workouts with some of London's coolest fitfam. The aim is to move through the circuit collecting stickers on your wristband - you need to collect at least FOUR stickers to get your tasty reward. What a motivating way to werk for your munch!

The Tasty Games {werd}

1. A collective of people who believe fitness should be fun

2. A collective of people who love good food and drink

3. Awesome Times



Good eats from The Good Yard

Island flavour brought to us by Island Poke

From Tasty Games to Tasty Lunch

We loved our bite-size bowls of Yuzu Lomi Lomi [salmon in yuzu dressing, yuzu mango salsa, edamame, spring onion, sesame seeds topped with sriracha sauce]

We decided to make our way down to Island Poke, Kingley Street for some more! If you haven't been, we definitely recommend it (especially if you love raw fish, like me!). Such a cute little eatery - and where else can you swing while you eat!