We was lucky enough to be invited to PayAsUGym’s first ever Urban Movement event. A 70 minute session broken into 10 minute segments of various different fitness disciplines, all available on their platform. We was told couple days before of it’s Shoreditch location venue and was excited that it was going to be held in the warehouse space at Village Underground. I’d been to this space multiple times for concerts, performances, TV Recordings and even art exhibitions so was looking forward to seeing the space used for a mass fitness class.


Walking in, there was a sea of pink yoga mats each with a bottle of Nuva water. I was told to go to the front of the room where my reserved spot was. My first panic was “omg i’m so close to the camera’s and instructors” but when I looked around, it was so nice to see so many familiar blogger faces.

Our host, ex-footballer, now personal trainer Bradley Simmonds, came on stage to introduce the session and PayAsUGym.


Haven’t heard of it yet? PayAsUGym allows you to buy one-off passes to gyms across the UK at a discounted price compared to if you were to go direct. They have recently launched their unlimited package which also contains classes - some of which we were about to preview.


After a quick warm up Bradley introduced the first segment, Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Karen. Apart from Bikram a couple of times, I’ve not really tried many forms of Yoga so was a little apprehensive but it was good to have a taster and I really enjoyed it.


Antonia from Good Vibes was next up on the stage, taking us through a core-based pilates session which even at 10 minutes was very challenging!


We then had Edgar from The Capoeira Academy taking us through some of the basic moves of the Brazilian martial art. I’ve never tried Capoeira before and had only really witnessed it from the safety of my seat at Guanabara Bar. It was alot of laughs as we tried to use the space we had to get more momentum. I did however found it very tiring and could see why this is used as a form of exercise.


Now it was time for boxing with Marlon from FightZone. This segment was intense and fast pace, by this point I was struggling to keep up and was very sweaty!


Kelechi from LAP's London Dance Academy appeared on the stage next and I screamed with joy! It’s TWERK time!! Readers who follow our instagram know that I am already a huge fan of London Dance Academy’s Twerk ‘n’ Grind class. I waved and smiled up at Kelechi as she began with her all familiar starting steps.

I not only LOVED her segment but I was so HAPPY for her! Having been a student of Kelechi for some months now, she has given me so much encouragement and has built up my confidence, that seeing her on the stage teaching to a group of 100+ people and taking her twerk class to the masses made me feel so proud! If you have not tried her class before, I strongly recommend it. It will give you LIFE!

Everyone was feeling on a high and we welcomed back Bradley who finished us off with a HIIT session before a cool down and a selfie.

Afterwards, we got to have a look and some of the brands that came down. One that caught my eye was Amazonas who combine aesthetics with ecology by using recycled materials found in and around The Rain Forests of Brazil and then produced using a chemical-free process. I loved the idea behind them and left my details for more information and to be entered in a draw and to my surprise, I was contacted a few days later letting me know I WON A PAIR! AMAZING!

The whole event was very enjoyable and the goodie bag was one of the most packed i’ve ever been given! With all ticket sales going towards Sports Relief, it no doubt had that feel-good factor!

CLICK HERE for 50% your first purchase at PayAsUGym.com. Use it on a fitness class, or a day pass at one of their 2000+ participating gyms or even on the unlimited membership.

“Don’t do anything, Do everything”

Four the dress,
Natalie x


PHOTO CREDIT: All photos kindly provided by PayAsUGym