Finding the perfect gym is always a struggle. I tend to gravitate towards classes more so than working on gym equipment alone. I found that I work harder and push myself further when I'm surrounded by other individuals on the same mission as I. But never do I find that one gym that accommodates my needs. I'm the type of person that needs varied classes depending on my mood on that particular day. 

Finding Somuchmore has been a total dream for fourfits, so we wanted to share our top 4 classes that we absolutely love to attend through So Much More:


Such a cool and gritty edition of a circuits class. Instead of lifting weights we're lifting barrels or tires. Instead of jogging round the room, we're doing agility exercises. It's really fun and they still keep the cycle element with a couple of spin bikes as part of your circuit. 


Some of us had never even lifted a bar before and even if we had held a bar it was to do squats from a weight rack so the 'clean and jerk' may as well have been another language. The guys at Basefit really help you learn to use the bar properly and grow your confidence to add more weight. There are no mirrors so you are forced to feel if you are holding the bar incorrectly and  learn to move your body correctly to perfect your form. Brilliant class for anyone of any ability!


Kelechi shows you how to twerk that booty standing up, on the floor, upside down against a mirror AND even upside down on your partners lap (ice breaker or what?!) If you're ready to let your inhibitions go and dance the hour away - we definitely recommend it. It's such a laugh, works your legs and everyone is there to have a good time so nobody is judging you!


This class is a 45 minute workout that uses TRX to work your whole body through multiple movements including squats, burpees, pull ups, push ups and planks.  This class works on your stamina and strength whilst focusing on technique. 

fourfits are proud to be Somuchmore Wellbeing Warriors which has helped us discover even more cool & interesting classes around London. We would love for you to join us in one of the above classes (or even those not listed above). To enjoy a 7 day trial and 25% off your first 3 months with,  please visit the website (or download the app) and use our code WW4FOUR.

Somuchmore also have a strong focus on holistic living which we admire as it is not always about the hardest, toughest work out but about a lifestyle, personal growth and the wellbeing of the mind, body & soul. 

- four the bikini bod