Hey ho the time of the year is here! Again! And once more we are stuck with the age old question - what do I get them?! But fear not, with just a few weeks left till Christmas, we have come up with a a few of our gift ideas for the avid fitness buff in your life. With gifts all under £40, were sure you’ll find something to suit that special loved ones tastes…and if not, good luck!


These diaries from Fitlosophy are simply amazing. If the fitness freak in your life loves to document their meals and workouts then this is the diary for them. It allows you to log both your training as well nutritional intake per day, including not just your sets or reps, but also what classes you might have had, any cardio you might have sweated, alongside the calorie count for those exercises. The nutritional side also enables you to keep a detailed diary of you daily meals, as well nutritional intake alongside its recommended daily allowance. There is also a helpful section at the end of each week which allows you to look back and evaluate your previous week, as well as loads of inspirational quotes along the way to help keep you motivated. As this is only a 12-week planner, its great for those who have particular goals in mind (they have a special 40-week edition for the mums-to- be too!) but my favourite part of the diary is the little section that allows you to insert a before and after photo. Theres nothing better than a visual reminder to see how far you’ve come. I want.

Prices range from £20-£24, and we found it for free delivery on Amazon.




As boring as this may sound, for those who to take supplements alongside workouts, you will know why this is the best gift to receive at christmas. Buying supplements can become quite costly, depending on how much and how often you take,  so alongside gym memberships and fitness attire, being gifted with som protein powder is actually a very welcomed surprised that any one would be elated to receive! 


For those with goals in mind, but who are too busy to faff about organising their supplements, we recommend Staks. They come in a wide range of daily supplement plans or “Staks” for a variety of lifestyle and performance goals - simply pick the one thats right for you an your goal. Each pouch contains supplements to help you along your day, from pre-work outs to BCAA 2:1:1 Capsules, supergreen power and even collagen tablets, so you are sure to get a well rounded mix of ingredients to enable you to get the most out of your fitness regime. 

I personally have tried the “Staks of Energy” pouches myself and can attest to the amount of energy I somehow managed to find with the help of these little treats, enabling me to get me through a horrendously busy and fourfit filled week. Life saver.

Prices range from £30.99-£48.99 plus shipping.


Neat Nurtition



For those looking for clean and tasty protein powders in bulk, look no further than Neat Nutrition. Made with the highest quality all natural ingredients, they are the perfect supplements to help naturally detoxify, aid in concentration and enhance recovery. Their protein powder come in a range of flavours (the chocolate is my absolute fave) with both dairy and vegan alternatives, and best more, they taste DIVINE. So if the fitness junkie in your life also has a sweet tooth, I would highly recommend these powders are they are a delicious addition to your pancakes or brownies, and they don’t require milk in order to help make these powders more paletable, these bad boys are creamy yummy goodness from the moment you add water, soya, coconut or almond milk. Perfection.

Prices range from £4-62 (regular protein pouch at £34 for 1kg) plus shipping.




It is a well known fact that the human body is made up of around 70% water, so its no surprise why re-hydration is a major element of keeping healthy. As we burn and sweat, we need to replenish the fluid lost in order to maintain the bodies natural homeostasis. And yet half the time we spend exercising we forget about the magic ingredient - WATER!


Which is why I suggest these water bottles from Bobble as a gift. Not only can you get them in a wide range of colours, but also uses, as they come with an edition for infusing water with various fruits for flavour, for coffee, and even various millilitre capacities. And best of all, they come with a handy little replaceable carbon filter inside, so even if you're rushed on the go, it is designed to make ordinary tap water taste better with every sip. Who can resist.

Prices range from £8.99-£29.99 plus free shipping on orders over £14. But if your a bit cheap like me, head over to Currys where you can currently get them for £6.99 



However, if you are looking for something a bit more fancy with more function and flair, S’well bottles is your best choice. Crafted of non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel, these customisable and elegant bottle keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Need I say more? With sizes ranging from 260mls - 750mls, they come in various textures from matt stone, to faux wood effect, to metallic, glitter, unique prints and a wide spectrum of colours. They're are stunning yet completely practical. Especially for those office workers who go from workto gym, as they can have the comforts of their hot morning coffee and cool post-work out smoothie all through the same flask. Amazing.

Prices ranging from £24.99-£39.99, find them at homeAmara where you can get free delivery on orders over £35




What is fitness without nutrition, but how detrimental is nutrition to your fitness if not done correctly? Thats why a cook book is a great gift for the fitness addict in your life. After all "Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise."

Jamie Oliver: Everyday Super Food

Who doesn't love a bit of Jamie Oliver? Im a little bit addicted to his 30-minute meals, so if your looking for a cook book with a lot of wit, and focused more on balancing your meals - this is your pick. He splits the recipes up into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, adding their calorific and specific nutritional values in order for you to create your meals within your specific dietary requirement. Ideal for someone who is meticulously planning their meals. Theres also a little a section at the back with his wisdom and advice on ‘living well’ and cultivating a balanced diet which helped him to loose two stones - well done Jamie!

Hardback edition from £10 with free delivery from Amazon.


Hemsley and Hemsley : The Art of Eating Well

The Hemsley & Hemsley cookbook is perfect for someone who is starting out on their healthy food-journey, as it begins with your kitchen and store cupboard basics, and goes on to recipes for breakfast, soups, salads, sides and snacks, meat and fish, vegetable mains, dressing and dips, baking and desserts and lastly juices and smoothies. Best thing about their layout is its accessibility, if you want to make a guacamole, you don't have to look to see if its categorised as a starter or snack, you simply turn to dips and there it is. Best thing is all the recipes are free from grain, gluten, refined sugar, high starch and are alkaline friendly. How can you resist.

Hardback edition from £12.49 with free delivery from Amazon.


Madeline Shaw : Get the Glow

Now this one is perfect for the beauty conscious fitness freak in your life, as her main focus is about nourishing your body from the inside out. With the regular content of breakfast, snacks, soups and salads, suppers, sweets and drinks, what sets this book apart from the others is the fact that it includes a six-week programs which includes not just a meal plan, but also includes some helpful tips and information to get you through each week, such as meditcation, and alternates god fat alternates to your favourite ingredients, or how certain ingredients are beneficial to the body - i mean if I'm going to eat a date, I would at least like to know why. If you know someone who's fallen off the fitness band-wagon than this book is the perfect way to help them change their mindset about eating healthy. Tell them to thank you later.

Hardback edition from £10 with free delivery from Amazon.


And thats a wrap. It was hard to wittle my large list down, as there are just so many great gift ideas out there. But these are the four items that I felt were most useful tools to to advocating fitness. With christmas gluttony right around the corner, we hope these gifts will inspire not just your loved ones in adopting a more healthier lifestyle but also yourselves.

Happy shopping!

- four the love of food