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I hate when people tell me "oh but you don't need to go to the gym, your soo slim already", it's like like a slap to the face after all that I've done in order to shift the weight I've accumulated over the years.

You see, for as long as I can remember I was always  considered "the cubby one" or "the curvy one" (a basically polite version of the previous). I was never severely overweight, but always above average enough to have the fact that my baby fat followed me into adult hood, commented on. And sadly, I eventually internalised these remarks into facts and lived my life accordingly, freely eating whatever my heart so desired, whenever it desired it.

Between 2010 & 2011 I weighted the heaviest I've ever been. After the freedom of university life, countless nights of binge drinking (beer is your enemy guys), take outs and a lack of restriction in relation to snacks, I was 10 stone and some. Whilst I know this is NOT the definition of obesity nor would I have been considered a "big girl" in that respect, what it was doing to my health and self esteem was dangerous. I had absolutely no regard for the state of my body. I didn't care if I heading down a spiral of eventual diabetes, breathing problems and blocked arteries. I felt ugly on the inside, so why not allow my outside to match, right?! Plus it felt gooood stuffing my face with all those desserts and fried goodness! However, after graduating in the summer of 2011 and realising the potential to help others that my profession blessed me with the ability to do, I finally listened to Gods truth that I was more. I am a temple of his works and I was never to give anyone the space or permission to tell me otherwise. I decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle and made a conscious decision to change for the bestest. I doned my Nike Air Max's, headed for the park...and never looked back.

Slowly but surely, I managed to loose almost 2 stone through my various runs and sprints of gym visits, but the fight doesn't stop there. My love of food has always and always will be my Achilles heel, as despite my weight loss, my appetite for all those delightfully morish snacks and nibbles remain. And whilst it was all fine and dandy to adopt a more active lifestyle, it was essential that I switch up my eating habits too in order to completely embrace a true transformation. So I swapped my favourite kettle crisps for fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt, and fried chips for some yummy greens - cause let's face it, the struggle to keep up all that hard work was and continues to be REAL!

I rep after rep and push to attain not the ideal body, but to work towards a fitter, non-fluctuating temple, where my love for food doesn't override the love I have for my health.

This is my journey.

“four the love of food”