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My fourfits journey started as a size 14 bride-to-be and on the day of my wedding, I walked down the aisle in a size 8 white dress. I had reached the goal I had set out to do and I felt my best. But now, almost three years later, I’ve put some of that weight back on and had lost the momentum that kept me going pre-wedding day.

In a bid to find myself a new goal, I tried a variety of different workouts. I changed gyms a couple of times, attended a pole school and even joined a CrossFit box. I was looking for something I could apply focus to and see growth. I wanted to not only feel fit again but to feel strong. 

I ended up finding love within Aerial Hoop. It has allowed me to work on flexibility and also strength, sometimes even unknowingly!

I’m focusing less on what I look like now but more on how I feel and the progression I achieve within Aerial Hoop.

This is..

“four my strength”