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For me, it all started about image, doing it ‘four that strut’. I wanted to look amazing, feel amazing and strut down my wedding aisle as if it were a runway!

I have an incredibly obsessive personality, if I want something, I have to get it so when I set myself a goal, I pour every ounce of energy into that one thing. Beginning my fitness journey, I made it my mission to fit into a wedding dress that was two sizes too small. With the support and motivation from my fourfits ladies, I did it!

Shortly after my wedding, I felt the fittest and healthiest I had ever felt, but once the accomplishment had passed, I began to refocus all my time and attention into my career. From that point on, my health took a backseat.

I’ve recently gone through a period of self-reflection and whilst I am proud of everything I have achieved professionally, I find myself still searching for fulfilment. I’ve come to realize that my strength in determination is often weakened by my inability to keep a balance across the different strands of my life. Aspiring to achieve a goal and not giving up until it's done is a great attribute to have, but it quickly becomes an unhealthy addiction when all other aspects of my life suffer as a consequence.

Thanks to my career, I am making a move from London to Los Angeles (YAY!) and I want to use this exciting opportunity to focus on ME. Finding balance, growth and development in everything I do. A mentor and friend recently reminded me that it is equally as important to feel inspired and fulfilled. I have to challenge the emphasis I place on the ‘end goal’ and instead learn to make day by day improvements to my entire lifestyle. Doing so will naturally set me on a path to become the best version of myself.

Don't get me wrong, I will still strut my stuff ;) but i’m now doing this –

"four the balance”