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Throughout my life I’ve always had a complex with weight. As a young child, I developed a somewhat ‘eating disorder’, where I would shy away from food. I would hide my uneaten packed lunches from my parents or run away whenever the table was set. It wasn’t as if I was consciously making the decision to stay skinny, it was just the way I was. Some would even say I was afraid of food - I know, ridiculous right?! 

As a young girl, my weight never went above the 6 stones mark; And as I grew into a teenager my appetite grew. Unfortunately my weight remained unchanged. For a long time I remained at 6 stones. I would do everything and anything to put on weight. I started replacing water for full fat milk, snack constantly, have 4 hearty meals a day in hope to gain weight. It never did. In an attempt to uplift my spirits people would comment on my 'amazing' metabolism. But day after day my confidence slowly deflated. 

At the age of 23, I started gaining weight. I remember looking down at my weighing scale and seeing it past the 6.5 stones mark, I was beyond happy. Then it creeped to 7 stones and at the current age of 29, I am now a healthy 8 stones.

Weight, has always been an issue in my life and now more than ever I want to focus on not just the aesthetics of my body, but my health too. What's the point of having such a bomb body if my inside's aren't up to scratch?! There is so much emphasis on looking great, but isn't feeling great just as important too?

For the year 2017, yes I do want to be a healthier and fitter individual but I also want to mentally and emotionally be happy with my progress. There is more to fitness than beating your body in the gym. So whilst I'm still on this path of figuring out my new goals, I'm - 

"doing this four me"