Hi everyone! We seemed to be in a massive hiatus at the moment - but WE ARE BACK and we have so much to share.

Since our last post back in May (was it that long already?!) we've attended multiple classes including the insane Carnival Bootcamp! Yes, you did read that right. We got to twerk and grind our way to fitness - 5 hours of back to back classes! Gheeze! We went Zip & Dip in Hawaii - the views were epic. Participated in a couple of runs - Hackney 5K, Olympic Anniversary Run, Sure Run to the Beat & Brighton Colour Run. Cried over the loss of England AND Brazil during the World Cup. Visited the first modern day Olympic Stadium in Athens (uh-maze-balls). Got the opportunity to fit-mob Harvey Nichols and so much more.

We apologise profusely for the lack of interaction we have had with you over the past couple of months, we've been incredibly busy with wedding plans, hen parties, moving houses, buying houses (yay to being on the property ladder), summer balls, travelling Asia and just enjoying the (short-lived) Great British Summer! But now that summer has come to an end and we are entering Autumn, the colder evenings shall find us hibernating in a gym or studio, even back on the road trying to maintain the warmth. No promises here, but we aim to keep you updated with our journeys. I feel a progression photo appearing on this blog very soon! But for now, here's a little teaser of what has been happening over the past 4 months!

Love, fourfits

Photo 24-05-2014 12 32 16.jpg