SEXY. Dark. Gritty. Addictive.  1REBELUK. They blew up Instagram. They introduced Nike NTC week with a Rebel Ride at the Gherkin. They opened the doors on the 19th January 2015 and utterly flipped the concept of gym time. 1Rebel is not just a training session, it’s a destination.



Where | 63 St Mary Axe | EC31 8LE

Tube | Liverpool Street Station

The Beginning | Founded by The Balfours and Giles Dean (founders of Fitness First and Jatomi), fitness is in the roots of 1Rebel.

 Photo Credit: 1Rebel

Photo Credit: 1Rebel

 Photo Credit: 1Rebel

Photo Credit: 1Rebel

Location | A short walk from the station, you can find the 'R' sign shining in the shadow of the Gherkin. The city location is perfect for a quick lunchtime work out - try out one of the two 30minute midday classes with a complimentary Roots and Bulbs meal to recover before you head back to your desk!

Photo Credit : 1Rebel

Photo Credit : 1Rebel

Look and Feel | The 1R team have definitely got the aesthetics on lock. The design is an absolutely lush mash-up of different textures. From its gloriously exposed pipe work & ceiling to its copper filled changing rooms with large, sparkly mirrors. The high end venue is both in compliment and contrast to the glass corporate buildings just next door.

Photo Credit : 1Rebel


Who | Melissa

An intense, motivational, ’get down and dirty, dripping with sweat’ experience. Melissa incorporated weights to work our arms whilst on the bikes. She’s fun and friendly with a BIG personality to match. She killed us, but did it with a smile. The lighting in the room reflected the build of energy -  starting the class in the dark, turning up with some blue, then halfway through moving to red to up the ante. Pumping some all-time hip hop bests - you can't help but feel the rhythm and want to dance to that beat. One of our fave spinning sessions yet!


Who | Robin

Quite the bad-ass ! If you are into more of a boot-camp military style trainer – Robin is your man! Left, right, left, right, left, right - Robin has you completely focusing on each beat in turn. Gearing up that resistance and testing your endurance. Push, push until you can push no further.

Photo Credit: 1Rebel

Summary | My one suggested improvement is for 1R to install a few bikes that can be adjusted to accomodate the 'petite' size. Being just over 5ft the lowest seat setting was still a bit high for me (embarrassed face) so I had to push the seat forward to keep my knees from locking. This meant the stand sprints were still possible, but a tad uncomfortable as I had the edge of the seating pushing into me. Otherwise, we had a great RIDE experience - definitely a challenge, we left the Ride room feeling sexily sweatified!

Photo Credit: 1Rebel


Who | Esmée

Esmée positively KILLED IT. We walked into what sounded like the intro to our death blaring from the speakers. No idea what to expect, we knew from the get go - this was not going to be easy.


The workout consists of alternating between two areas - for one half of the workout you are on the treadmill, for the other, you are on the weight bench focusing on strength and control. The treadmill levels range from beginner, medium and expert. Esmee shouts 3 speed and incline numbers for each level respectively which meant you could manage your treadmill settings to your own capabilities, but could still keep trying to push above your limit. The treadmill exercises are mainly interval sprint training (in my case 'trying to run as fast as I can without falling flat on my face!' training). The strength reps focus on each area of the body in turn -  arms, legs, and then core. The final round involved turning off the treadmill controls and running the belt manually as fast as you could push it to go - we literally screamed our way through and made it out the other side. Esmée was incredibly motivational throughout and constantly reminded us of our goals and why we were here. Completing Reshape utterly drenched, in agony and about to keel over, I stumbled upstairs to purchase the 10 block of Rebel classes as a pre-birthday gift to myself. 

Who | Ida May

We haven’t had a taste of her Reshape class just yet, but we have had the pleasure of a FIERCE morning training sesh with the lovely Ida May. Definitely a class to add to the diary - especially with my newly purchased Rebel sessions!

Photo Credit: 1Rebel

Summary | Reshape pushes you further than you think you can go, and then that little bit further. It breaks down the barriers to what you think is impossible. An epic workout - we will definitely be back again.

OUR BEST BITS | Ultimately we love the 1Rebel image - the venue screams premium without compromising its edge. The ameneties are very well considered - fluffy towels, heated seating, beauty products, hair styling tools and more... all the comfort a girl could ask for. We especially appreciated the spare hairband the team had on hand when one of ours broke! We also respect their commitment to the experience - Monday evening Ride sessions with a live band is such an awesome concept... also shhh don't tell, but we believe the intention is to do more of these kind of nights during the week! We are looking forward to it 1R!!!

Photo Credit: 1Rebel

On a final note - do be sure you peep a look at their fab-fit sport luxe clothing range and don't forget to grab a Rebel smoothie on your way out - YUM!

'Fitness isn't life. Living is life' - 1Rebel

- four that strut