Making a change to be 'healthy' is the number one New Year's resolution in January - gym's get filled up, pack lunches suddenly become greener. We are always on the lookout to find new and exciting ways to work out to share with you so it becomes a lifestyle that lasts all year round.

On January 24th (10oo to 16oo), The Hoxton, Shoreditch are hosting Fresh and Fit fest at an urban, edgy space 'The Apartment'. If you are interested in trying out cool new classes and want to bump up your knowledge on nutrition, even if you just want to purchase some sports luxe goodies - come down to our neck of the woods and pop along to Fresh and Fit fest! The best thing is - IT'S FREE!

Workouts coming to you by: Frame | HIIT Girl | Love Your Body 

Inspirational Words from: Just Geen | Ladies Who Lift

Urban Massage in the relaxation room and clothing brought by Fashercise.

There will also be complimentary range of health drinks, including one of our faves Everything But The Cow. 

To sign up visit



10oo – 11oo Frame - Signature Mash Up | Living Room

113o – 12oo Just Geen | Library

12oo – 13oo Body by Frame | Living Room

13oo - 14oo Run, run as fast as you can! | Outdoors

133o – 143o Dynamic Stretch by Frame | Living Room

143o – 153o Nutritional talk | Library

15oo – 16oo Disco Yoga | Living Room




In conjunction with Fresh & Fit fest, Balance Me are offering a 15% discount on their range - use the code : HOXTONFITNESS15 

Offer valid until 28th February 2015.





Hope to see you there in your luxe activewear! Hash tag #fitnessfourfashion with a piccy of your Lycra for an Instagram shoutout from us :)

Remember - IT'S FREE! So no excuses !

- four that strut


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