This year has truly graced us with the big guns out in the fitness game. Recently, we have discovered Europe's largest holistic lifestyle program SomuchmoreIn addition to the more common intense workouts like HIIT, Somuchmore offers a wide range of activities to cover meditation and mental training. The holistic approach focuses on the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul.

Members are able to attend classes as many number of times in a month (limited to 3 times per studio, per month) of which there are over 200 classes, so there really is Somuchmore to chose from! What's more there is no strings attached so you can cancel anytime. Membership at £89 a month (currently on sale at £69) !

Since planting its roots in Germany and spreading the motion across Europe the launch of SoMuchMore London has been highly anticipated here in the UK. We were both very lucky & super excited to be invited along to the London launch a couple weeks ago at Trip Space Yoga where we first met Co-Founder Johannes Klose.

To kick off the day we did three very different workouts - each lasting 20mins each. 

Animal Flow With Richard Scrivener who focuses on movement training. Drawing from movement patterns of the animal kingdom, people learn to reconnect with their bodies and build on their strength and flexibility. Richard explains it was all about keeping control - "the slowest one wins the race".

An up-tempo HIIT workout to pick up the pace with the lovely @JaneAboutTown.

And a great way to end on one of our oldie but goody workouts - Voga by @houseofvoga

We were then treated to a breakfast spread with treats from Sweaty Betty, Propercorn, Vita Coco, Pop Chips and many more. Thank you again to Rooted London who also surprised us with a Somuchmore breakfast delivery earlier that week!

While we refuelled after our workout hour, Co-Founder Johannes Klose joined us with some food for thought and to explain some of the fundamentals behind Somuchmore.

Somuchmore is meant to inspire. We offer our members the flexibility to do CrossFit, learn about Meditation or attend a Tango class – all within one program. We want to empower our members and help them unlock their full potential
— Johannes Klose

Johannes went on to explain more about mindfulness and we were invited to practice with a short meditation/relaxation technique. SoMuchMore promotes learning how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle - it is far beyond just simple exercising but provides you with knowledge and training to unlock your full potential.

Feel it all. Explore it all. #BESOMUCHMORE

We are inspired by the foundation and principles on which Somuchmore was built on. We are keen on discovering more and we hope to see you at a Somuchmore class soon!

- fourfits x

Photo Credit  : SoMuchMore