At the end of last year I came across a video that went viral. It was of a sea turtle with a plastic straw lodged in its nostril. A research team had rescued the sea turtle and was attempting to pull the foreign object out of its nostril which they initially believed to be a parasitic worm, but only to discover it was a 12cm drinking straw! I remember the blood dripping down the turtles face and the noise it made as it writhes in pain.  

I think this was the first time where I genuinely felt guilty for using plastic straws on a daily basis. I drink all of my drinks out of a straw. Yes, that includes hot teas and coffees and never did I really take a moment to think where it would end up - the ocean. Now I'm not going to say I've gone completely eco-friendly and have obliterated the use of plastic in my life, because that's just unrealistic for me. I purchase plastic on a daily basis from my beauty products to the bag of sweets I consume. But since watching the video and seeing the agony caused from just one piece of plastic thrown into the ocean, I have started being more conscious of how often I use them and ensuring I correctly dispose of plastic. 

— adidas x parley

One of my all time favourite sports brands, Adidas, are set to release for sale their newest collaboration with Parley for the Oceans: The Parley Ultra Boost X running shoe. Maldive inspired in design, the trainers are shaped to reflect the form of the foot, with a sock like feel due to the Primeknit upper material which is made out of yarn spun from reclaimed and recycled ocean trash which approximately uses 11 bottles per pair!

The midsole is made from the brand's Boost material, a foamy cushioning which feels like you are literally walking on clouds.

If every major brand can incorporate recycled plastic into their products it is an extra step in the right direction. I own a pair of Adidas Boost trainers and they are by far one of the most comfortable running shoes that I own to the point that I wear them casually due to its comfort. So not only are they beautiful to look at but they are also made with the environment in mind which gets a triple YES from me!

So YES to Adidas, YES to Parley and YES to these running trainers. 

These will be available from tomorrow, Wednesday 10 May. 

To find out more about the work being done by Parley and to grab your pair, click here! I'll sure be copping mine soon!

four happiness

Vicki x

*All images taken from the Adidas store online.