All chocolate egg-ed out?! now that the fortunately long Easter weekend is coming to an end, it's time to work those joints and use those muscles to burn some yummy calories off!! With 5 days till the weekend, let's make them count just as the wonderful people at Trace Publicity did! The other week Trace presented  #5DayFitness with Juicy Sport and Glenmuir Glenmuir, hosting  5 days with 5 of London's top trainers in 5 different sports. During these 5 days of fitness, we were not only exposed to some shiny new gems of studios to add to your must-visit list, but also blessed with a whole heap of gifts to help us along our journey to getting fit and healthy for summer. 



DAY ONE : How to look good on camera with AJ Odudu & Juicy Couture

If ever there was a way to kick start a week, this would be it! With Emoji's and Selfy Stick's in hand, we squared, burped and planked our way into a seriously fun work out at the infamous Pineapple Studios, with the faboulous AJ Odudu

Although AJ is a presenter and TV host first and foremost, she is also holds my award for wardrobe envy with her chic OTTD's (please check out her blog and applaud her fashion taste with me), and my newest fitpo! As we spoke of our love for fitness, we agreed that sometimes keeping the love for fashion alive within that world gets neglected - but just because we working up a sweat, doesn't mean we can't look good whilst we do! So when I was greeted with  the cutest work out gear from Juicy Couture's latest sports collection (available at Harrods just fyi) on arrival, i couldn't have been more excited. With a colourful mix of floral and leopard prints alongside some very flattering cuts and details, the collection is definitely a gym-ready win in my books.

It was a great way to start a grey monday morning, and even though you missed the class, you too can take part in her condensed route with AJ's 10 Minute Work Out (just increase the reps and rounds for a tougher work out):

  • 20 star jumps
  • 20 burpee jumps
  • 20 squats
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 second planks
  • 20 bicycle crunches
  • 20 russian twists

Want more? check out her youtube for more vidspiration

DAY THREE : full body workout, strength training and metabolic circuits with embody fitness

Day 3 with TRACE presents 5 days of fitness was held at Embody Fitness' personal training facility in Moorgate.

With the help of renowned trainer and fellow fitness blogger Tara Gadre, and Tim, Greg and Dave at embody fitness, we were introduced to a whole new level of fitness. Through a series of 3 different exercise at 4 different stations, we endured a full body work out with a metabolic circuit training class and learned a few new moves for those gym days.

As much as it may pain our pockets to pay for a personal trainer, I would highly recommend trying one out, even if its just once. When I first attended the gym and looked around and the vast array of machinery that streamed before me, overwhelming was a more than obvious choice of word to explain how I felt. However being able to work out with the help of a personal trainer to watch my form, advise me on the best exercises specific to my goals, with my physical limitations in mind, makes those gym visits a hunnid percent more effective.

So if you are looking to increase your physical strength, and pile on them gains and DOMs, I would definitely recommend you trying out a personal training session! It was great learning some new ways to engage with the various machines and try out some new equipment too.

Strangely I rather enjoyed working with the weighted sledge and leg press/hack squat machine, as odd as the movements might feel, they definitely do the job as my painful muscles would have told you the following morning. The team at Embody Fitness we tough but encouraged my body to push through and work my way towards my fitness goals.

So thankful for another successful day with Trace!


DAY FOUR : Beginners class with moreno boxing

My day at Moreno Boxing was probably my favourite day with #5DayFitness. Having always wanted to try boxing, to be able to learn from a 3x international boxing champion such as Jose Carlos Moreno was more than a blessing, it was a gift. At just 25 he has has managed to not only hold internal titles under his belt, but also two London gyms from which he runs various classes from with emphasis on nurturing both fitness and boxing techniques from the very basic beginner level, through to the experienced competitor.

As part of our 'Beginner Boxing Techniques and Fitness' class we went through the basics of boxing, learning the correct boxing stance and the importance of foot work, all the whilst having them drilled into us alongside the various boxing manoeuvres. Jab. Cross. Defend. Jab. I died. Especailly after some partner work - aggression I never even realised I had came out with a vengeance for the poor punching bag.

But what I loved most about this gym, was Moreno's passion for his sport wand his willingness to share it with others. Most contact sports encourage competing and winning as motivation to learn, but Moreno encourages you to perfect your performance by acknowledging and respecting the basic skills that makes boxing what it is. Hence why it was a compulsory 50-press ups for errors made during drills, which I thankfully did not have to brave.

So if you fancy releasing the inner fighter in you, pop down and book yourself into a trial session for half the price!


With the help of Savses drinks 100% cold-pressed natural fruit & juice smoothies, and Vidal Sassoon to revive us post-class, completing even part of the week was a challenge. But it was made all the easier with the the Glenmuir compression base layers we were able to try out courtesy of sockshop. Although they were gifted to us, I would like to go off the record by saying they are the most comfortable and softest pieces of fitness gear I have ever owned (and yes i have worn them to bed because they are just so darn comfy). Thin enough to be worn under my normal work out gear, but built with enough endurance to wear on their own, they are must haves for everyones wardrobe. Even their bamboos socks (which were far too large for my tiny feet so were gifted to a very lucky golden boy, after I trial them out around the house) were made of a quality that could only be felt with bare hands, or in this case feet. 



Although we weren't able to attend the full 5 days, Trace proves just how much fitness you can fit into the space of 5 days (as they also included reformers and dynamic pilates class for the other two days). So bid farewell to those chocolate filled gains you might have accumulated over this weekend and try out some of these various sports, I guarantee your body will thank you for them later!

- four the love of food