Wow! Adidas Running UK sure know how to host an event! A week ago, we received an email from Adidas inviting us to the #energyrunning event to introduce The Energy Running Movement.

Adidas, for the first time, has included influential runners from major cities in a global campaign alongside its world class athletes. They have homed in the importance of social media. 'The Energy Running Movement' is primarily a sport driven movement. But it is also about having fun, putting a smile on your face and earning a like on your Twitter / Instagram post whilst breaking a sweat and beating your personal best.

Throughout the campaign, Adidas will host a series of Energy Running events in major cities including Shanghai, Moscow, New York City, London, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro to provide runners with a chance to participate and experience Energy Running.

Luckily fourfits were invited to the London launch. A few days after the initial email, we received the official invite including our tickets to the event. The invite was pretty secretive. It gave us an address and a time – apart from that no information was provided on what we actually be doing at the event. Our tickets came in the form of a whole running outfit, Ultra Boost trainers to add to the collection too! Give me a ticket like this any day! 

Walking to the meeting point, Natalie and I kept discussing what we assumed we could potentially be doing: Were we going for a long run? Were we doing sprint drills? From the hashtag #energyrunning, it was pretty obvious that running was a pivotal part of the event. But since neither of us have been running recently, it was daunting to think how much running we were expected to do. 

The secret continued even after we were split into groups and started running the streets of Peckham. Each group would leave in waves of fifteen minutes, to remain separate from the other groups. I’ve never ventured around Peckham before, so I had no idea where we were heading to. Luckily the run was kept quite short and we were led to a gritty and empty multi-storey carpark. Not what I was expecting!

We were greeted by other Adidas members who then explained what we were about to do:

We would be submerged into complete darkness with only flashing lights and glow in the dark props to provide some visibility throughout the levels of the carpark. We would work as a team to gain as many points as possible and compete against the other teams. There would be 4 Levels of workouts to test our speed, agility and power:

Level 1: CHARGE -  we had to run through the length of the car park without being caught by the row of flashing lights that would intermittently flash. If we get caught in the light we would have to start again. If we successfully get to finish line, our team would gain points. The more reps we complete, the more points we gain. This focused on our speed and reflex actions to the flashing lights. Clearly my reflex’ were incredibly slow as I could not for the life of me, complete one set!

Level 2: CIRCUIT - Our team were split into two, although we essentially were still one team gaining points, due to the divide I easily tapped into my competitive side and wanted to beat the other half of our team.

This level tested our endurance and stamina in addition to our speed. The circuit was broken down into 5 sections:

  1. Cone drills – run around a line of cones, following a U-shaped path.
  2. Jumps over bars – with your feet together, hop over a concession of low metal bars to get to the next section.
  3. Side to side sprint drills - Weave in and out of glow in the dark slalom poles.
  4. Tire drill - Hop through a set of tires.
  5. Sprint back to your team and tag your team mate.

We had to repeat the above for 10 minutes. The more reps our team completed, the higher the points we would gain.

Taking many selfies with the lovely Jodie Williams 

Taking many selfies with the lovely Jodie Williams 

Level 3: SURGE - 40m incline sprint – Each individual were given two attempts to sprint up hill as fast as we could. The faster we were, the better as this contributed to our overall score. This tested our speed and technique. During my second attempt my takeoff stance and arms positioning were corrected, which as a result increased the power in my second sprint!

Throughout these levels, in particular, we were introduced to athletes who would demonstrate and explain each course with some very helpful tips thrown in; Chelsea F.C. and Brentford F.C. midfielder John Swift, sprinter Ojie Edoburun and Commonwealth medal winning sprinter Jodie Williams.

At this point, my endorphin and adrenaline levels were at a high that I barely noticed how fatigued I actually felt. We were then lead to the rooftop which brought us to the most amazing view of London. Due to my busy work life, I often forget to appreciate my surroundings. But at this moment, I felt incredibly proud to be living in such a diverse and cultured community. As a team and individually, we were treated to a mini photoshoot against one of the greatest cities as its backdrop.

Level 4: UNPLUG - We took a stroll back to the beginning of the course, where we took a few moments to rest, breathe, drink and stretch out with one of our team leaders, Tiago (PT from 1Rebel).

15 minutes and a jog back later, we’re back at our meeting point, where Prosecco, canapes and Vodka Coconut water was on full flow.

All teams were welcomed and after a few moments of socialising, we were quietened down to announce which group had gained the highest points. What made this more exciting (which also heightened everyone’s competitiveness further) was that we were provided with yet another surprise –


The group with the highest score would be given corporate box tickets to a Chelsea football game!!!! At Stamford Bridge! AND guess who won??! Our team of course!!

This had to be one of the best fitness events I have been to. The Adidas team had kept tight lipped regarding the whole event, and the secrecy really paid off. The course was absolutely amazing. Initially I was uncertain how the next hour or so would pan out. But the setting was so cool and so fitting of the Adidas Running brand itself. It was exciting, gritty, urban and youthful.

A massive thank you to the Adidas Running team for inviting fourfits to #energyrunning. We had an awesome time meeting all the other bloggers and writers, and we are incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity in meeting the amazing athletes.

If you want to know more about #energyrunning, check out the online film below “This is Energy Running” and follow the #energyrunning movement by following @adidasrunning on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to purchase the #energyrunning look, visit

 -four the bikini bod


P.S: Keep peeping back for official photo's from the night. We were just too excited to not share our incredible Thursday evening experience.