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I am not a girly girl. 

Never have been. Growing up, I was your typical tomboy opting for joggers and a tee over a dress. Always wanting to hang with the boys, I dismissed the idea of Barbie dolls and instead immersed myself into sports. You name it - Basketball, Trampolining, Gymnastics, Netball, Badminton, Rounders, Dance - I did it! In the school playground we would sing and dance along to the newest Spice Girls track. I was content playing Sporty Spice while the other girls fought to be Baby. Pink. Urgh. Not my thing.

Working in an office environment altered my lifestyle. I found myself spending less and less time on sports and instead transformed into “The Working Girl”. I started to look smarter, more girly. Earning more allowed me to divulge into fashion and beauty. I started wearing make-up, purchasing designer branded accessories and wearing more gender-biased clothing. I began to enjoy this new found womanhood.

More recently I became an avid cyclist. Where once upon a time I used to raid the streets of East London on my bike, I now use it as a form of commute to work. I had arrived at a stage where the worlds I knew began to conflict. Although it felt as though I was miles away from the sporty girl I once was, I would still find comfort in sportswear. At the same time, fitness fashion was evolving faster than it ever had. Gone were the days of baggy bottoms and loose tops, lycra was everywhere to be seen and the girls did look hot! (jealous!) I literally wanted to wear leggings on a daily basis, and so I did.

It first began as a fashion statement, I wanted to look good but it quickly became an addiction. I started buying the latest clothes, craziest leggings and limited edition anything! It then only made sense that my obsession for such fitness-related fashion coincide with a more active lifestyle.

I’m not proclaiming to be a ‘gym buff’ whatsoever. I would much rather eat out and pass on an evening gym session, but having three other ladies who share the same goals as I do definitely motivates me to keep going! 

I’ve also just signed up to my first ever 10k race running alongside my fourfits sisters and I honestly cannot wait to begin my path to a fitter lifestyle!

It’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon of a new ‘hype’, but when it comes to this, I won't quit, I'll rather fourfit! 

This is my journey.

“four the love of leggings”